$25 Restaurant.com gift cards for $1.19 a piece. $525 worth of fine dining, for $25.00

Found this really cool post on Reddit Frugal via myfreebrunch.com:

An Almost Free Christmas: Deal of the Day #11

Number of people you could cross off your Christmas list by using this deal:


What you get:

3 6-month memberships to the Restaurant.com Dinner-of-the-Month Club. That’s six $25 Restaurant.com gift certificates. This is a great gift for couples! (Cross two people off your list for every membership you buy.) And don’t fret, Restaurant.com calls this a “club,” but there are no automatic renewals…

3 $25 Restaurant.com gift certificates redeemable at 15,000+ restaurants.

This deal will cost you a grand total of:


How to get this deal:

Step #1: Sign up for Ebates and you will receive $5 cash back as soon as you’ve made your first purchase of $25 or more. (If you recently signed up for Ebates and haven’t made your first purchase yet, or your first purchase wasn’t large enough to activate the bonus, you will also receive $5 cash back on this deal.)

Step #2: Once you’ve signed up for Ebates, find the Restaurant.com page on their site and click through to Restaurant.com directly from their website. By doing this, you are registering to receive 15% cash back on your entire purchase. (That’s in addition to the $5 sign up bonus.)

Step #3: When you reach Restaurants.com, hit the “buy a gift” tab and click through to the Dinner of the Month Club. Order three 6-month memberships. Why 6-month memberships, you ask? Because every 6-month membership comes with a $25 bonus certificate… The bonus certificate will be emailed directly to you as soon as you activate the membership. You can activate the membership either by printing the certificate or emailing a notification to the recipient.

Step #4: Now at this point you’re probably panicking a little. Because you’ve listen to me and put $525 worth of merchandise in your cart–and even with the automatic discounts it says you owe Restaurant.com $180… No worries! Just enter the promotion code JOY to receive 80% off your order. That $180 order just shrunk to $36!

Step #5: Check out, personalize your notification certificates with the images provided by Restaurant.com, and print them out. You will automatically receive three more $25 Restaurant.com gift cards directly to your inbox.

Step #6: Rake in the rewards. You should see that 15% cash back ($5.40) and $5 sign up bonus in your Ebates cash back account the next day. Just enter a payment method to cash out. (Bonus tip: is your cash back slow to kick in? Leave a note on their Facebook page. Fastest customer service solutions EVER. I guess there’s nothing like public accountability to keep you hopping!)

So, in the end, you just bought twenty one $25 gift certificates for a grand total of $25. Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself…

Welcome to our newest column, An Almost Free Christmas. If you’re thinking, “an almost free Christmas? I was kind of hoping for a totally free Christmas,” you should probably click here to read about how you can get Christmas presents for a family of six with paying a cent (or giving anyone anything made out of an egg carton…)

For those of you who are willing to spend a little money, this is where you want to be. Every day, we will showcase a new strategy to get a lot of presents for very little money.

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Daily Deal #11: 21 gifts, $525 worth of fine dining, for $25.00:

In addition: Below are some good comments from the post on reddit.

  • These are typically a great deal but make sure you read the terms before you buy!

The “gift cards” should usually be treated more as coupons. Oftentimes they have restrictions such as a minimum purchase amount that is twice the face value of the coupon, with a maximum of one coupon per visit.

  • This is why I like Groupon more… You can find some good deals and they are pretty straight forward with not many strings attached like Restaurant.com… though Groupon doesn’t have restaurant deals all the time. But I have used them numerous times and got some good food and a nice boat ride through them. Though, you have no choice , but it does give you plenty of chances to try stuff you wouldn’t otherwise have known about.
  • These are not gift cards, they are coupons.
  • Do these expire? No, they used to expire after a year, but Restaurant.com recently revoked that, and removed the expiration date from all of the certificates that they sell.

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