401kMChallenge Day 3

food wasteMy lack of action on my plan nearly caught up with me today, which brings me to a couple of important points. Lack of sleep is a really bad thing, I only got about 5 hours last night. In addition, I procrastinated to make my lunch until this morning. Fortunately, my wife made me a sandwich while getting my little guy ready for daycare.  Honestly, if she hadn’t made my sandwich, I would have likely gone off to work without it, and would have certainly wasted money on crap food. Not to mention, I forgot to get the meat out of the freezer for tonight’s meal.  I called my wife in the morning and reminded her to do it for me. I called her again around noon – and she couldn’t find it in the deep freeze. Luckily, we had chicken nuggets. Otherwise, I may have found myself ordering out and wasting at least $20 to $30. However, in eating chicken nuggets, green beans (canned, I prefer fresh), and noodles, the meal only cost about $10 for my family. Lesson learned, don’t stay up too late, and get the stuff done the night before or your bound to put yourself in a bad position.

My first true day, went very well and I maintained proper discipline with the exception of not preparing well. I had to run to the doc to get a csyt checked out, and had my lunch for the drive. It really filled me up, a fat turkey and salami sandwich and an apple. It tasted good and only cost less than $3 as planned. I had a coffee too in the morning, but held back from the afternoon soda instead cleaning out my mug and filled it with cold water from the work’s water cooler.

After arriving home from dinner, my wife made me aware that she’s going to her gal pals to gossip as I’ll be at a rehersal dinner tomorrow for my buddy, and she wasn’t going because being a couple days away from having a baby she doesn’t feel too well and it’s a hassle to get a sitter. So, I was with the kids and had to go get candles for the pumpkins we had carved last night. My intention was to go to walgreen’s to get only candles and a chess game for my oldest, as he was missing pieces from his. Unlike the night before, I walked out unscathed, but not untested. I was able to fend off my little girl who had grabbed a bottle of bubbles and who was hell bent on keeping them. The kids wanted more too, but I wasn’t having it. It’s either a gatorade that will rot their teeth or money in the bank for their future. Now, the decision was clearer. I’ve always had a problem with saying no, not anymore. I won’t let those animals choosing what they can’t. I’ll pick for them, they’ll thank me later. I think too many parents think they would be bad parents if they say no, I disagree, as it sets a dangerous precedent, and before you know it your kids expect things of you all the time and without gratitude. I purchased only what I went in for, even though the purchases themselves maybe questionable. But we are going to setup a plan for that later, to manage those things you hadn’t budgeted for, but suddenly need.

Tonight’s article was going to focus on a couple of things; the cost of wasted food and setting up a plan for meals for this work week and the mentality we need to maintain focus on our goal of not wasting money. We will focus on the weekend meals on Friday, and setup an entire plan for next week on Sunday. I’m cleaning out the fridge as I write this, to show you the waste, which could have been a nice little chunk to save and invest in my kid’s futures.

Below is a list of the things I am throwing away from the last two months of grocery shopping and the cost of those items.

food waste

$6 – 10 Pack of crepes (bought these about two months ago) – past expiration about a month.

$3 – 3/4 container of egg whites – past expiration a couple of weeks.

$4 – 2 Full containers of yogurt – past expiration a month.

$2 – Chinese Food, store bought – soggy and old, not going to try it now.

$1.50 – Jar of applesauce with something growing in it.

$8 – Gourmet coffee – several months old, past expiration.

$1 – grapes, half a package- and we’ve bought more since.

$3 – various tortilla packages.

$7 – Half a pot roast dinner leftovers, not touched in the fridge for over a week.

$4 – Full order Chicken Fried rice, ordered as extra because I didn’t realize the size of just one. Never ate this package.

$2 – Couple of deli slices of cheese from various packages, found to contain mold.

Not to mention, my wife threw away 5 heads of corn today – that sat in the fridge and rotted. Half a trash can later, total wasted money on food not eaten, more than $40! Man, what an selfish idiot. That money could have been used much better. If you average that over the last 2 months, that was more than $20 per month that was thrown into the trash.

food in the trash

So, let’s make a plan for lunch and dinner for tomorrow and the following 2 days right now. Plan a meal according to your needs., but keep it healthy. Tomorrow, for lunch I’m now making a deli sandwich, I think I’ll make a salami and a turkey sandwich, and bring a couple of apples. I’ve got an older ice lunch pack that I can drop some cubes in and keep the sandwiches cold. I like to eat in the car and listen to the radio, to get away from the computer screen. I’m not going to be there for dinner tomorrow night, I’ll be eating for free at the rehearsal, but the wife and kids still need to eat – they’re going to do pre-made lasgana, this is quick even though not the healthiest item we would eat, but the wife wants something simple. They’ll eat a vegetable too from our canned goods. Total meal cost about $10. The following day and night I’ll have another deli sandwich (I’m gonna switch next week – but I don’t want the current meat to go bad) is a rare chili night, costs wil be about $15 for meat, beans, crackers and cheese. Friday we’re going to do frozen pizzas – about $10. I’m sticking to my plan and I’m going to stash $10 for each day I accomplish my saving and planning goal.

I’ll check back tomorrow night and analyze where we are at, and provide further direction from there. Just remember, don’t let the animal win. You’re much smarter than that reptile brain, you can control it and so can I. Don’t forget to make your lunch for tomorrow, right now, and get some sleep or you’ll pay for it tomorrow like I did today.

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