5 Tiny Money Saving Tips

 Here are five things I have recently changed in my daily routine in order to better manage my money. They are very simple changes, but I have been surprised at the results. I hope these can be of some use to you. And as always, happy money-saving!

 1) My Coin Jar

 When I use cash to make a purchase, I often have leftover coins. These used to sit in my car’s center console or in a tin cup in the junk drawer of my kitchen. Then I had the idea to keep them all in one place, so I bought a green glass jug, and now I make sure that whenever I have coins, I deposit them in the jug. Once the jug is full, I can use it to help pay off a bill or buy a tank of gas.

 2) Find the Right Gas Stations

 I have tried to be much better about when and where I buy gas. Once, I was on my way to work and had an empty tank, which scared me into buying gas for a higher price. I now keep track of my tank’s status, and I make sure to be aware of the prices of gas stations near my home. I usually buy gas in off-traffic hours to avoid higher prices.

 3) Follow a Weekly Menu

I began figuring out my weekly meals according to both my nutritional needs and what’s on sale at the grocery store. For the past two weeks, I haven’t been able to buy chicken on sale, so I have eaten more fruit and vegetables. When chicken does go on sale, I’ll buy several packs and freeze them so I can have them in the future. Also, letting what’s on sale dictate my menu has been sort of exciting in that I’m not eating the same thing every week. It’s a challenge each week to try to eat something new, and I enjoy the change in my menu.

 4) Plan Errands

 Before I run errands during the weekends, I plan my drive and take a list of what I have to accomplish. By doing so, I can use less gas, take less time, and not be distracted by impulse purchases, thus saving money even when I have to spend it. Once all my errands are done, I am free to enjoy the rest of my weekend.

5) Stop Buying Unnecessary Treats

Finally, I’ve started working on cutting out one treat purchase at a time from my life. I started with coffee in the mornings, and then I took away sodas with lunch. Instead of making the purchases, I began writing down how much I saved per week. Seeing that number increase each month was more than enough to help me curb my spending habits.

This guest post is contributed by Roger Elmore, who writes on the topics of hotel management degree.  He welcomes your comments: rogerelmore24 @gmail.com.

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