7 fun things to do when you’re flat broke, or on a budget

You’re broke, don’t have a dime to your name, and you’re looking for something to do. Well, maybe you’re not broke, but you’re still trying to be frugal and or stick to your budget. Personally, I’ve found the free things in life often to be much better than the things you pay for to go and see. You create expectations in your head when you pay for things, when they don’t live up to your expectations, you leave disappointed and let down. I’ve created an enormous list below of things that you should consider doing if you’re on a budget and or just flat broke, hope you enjoy!

parksState Parks and local parks (the only cost is gas money) – Where I live in Missouri – state parks are awesome and they probably are where you are too. Look up your state conservation department for information about where your state parks are located. In the St. Louis Missouri region there are  so many state parks you couldn’t possibly visit them all in a year, or even several years. There are so many cool and free programs offered for the kids and you too, like hiking, learning about conservation, tree and leave and bird sightings, fishing, quilting, and the list could go on forever. Look at my local listings for an idea of the diversity in free programs offered. Don’t forget your local parks too – it’s fun and great exercise just to take a stroll through your own local parks. You pay for these parks through your tax dollars, put them to use!

owls-a--birds-of-preyOther local animal attractions: In St. Louis we have Purina Farms, the Wild Canid Survival Center, the World Bird Sanctuary – all where you can go view wild and exotic animals for free (donations are accepted). The kids just love going to these places and taking a stroll to see owls, flamingos, ostrich’s and other neat animals and birds. At Purina farms you can watch a dog-show for free  – where the dogs long jump into a pool and compete for a prize.

museumMuseums – In St. Louis we have the Art Museum, the Zoo, the Science Center, Anheuser-Busch Brewery, Grant’s Farm, and the Missouri History Museum – and all are free! Heck, you get free drinks at the Brewery and Grant’s Farm.  Re-discover your heritage at the Old Courthouse, Black World History Museum and Faust Historic Village. An educational day-trip is great for the family or for you alone.

libraryLibraries – Believe it or not, the library can be a really cool place to explore. What’s more? Libraries offer free rentals on video games like X-box, PS3, Wii, and offer tons of new movies and music for free rental. Get lost in a library for hours and learn about your local roots or community – or explore the world, all in one spot.

historicalsitesHistorical Sites – Every city and town has them – but have you been? In St. Louis, we have an ancient civilization in our own backyard called Cahokia Mounds. What hidden gems does your town hold? Google historical sites in your area, you’re sure to find some.

munyTheater – In St. Louis, we have the Muny – and there are multiple free shows over the summer time that you could bring the family to enjoy. Entertain the family with a picnic and a free show and watch cool classics performed live!

FreeConcertFairFree concerts: St. Louis can’t be the only place that offers free concerts. We have several every year here and you can watch great live and local music for free! In St. Louis, we have local german festivals, blues concerts, and much more to see.  Check out your local area for free concerts!

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