A new approach to getting rich, make it simple

After reading a recent post from Ramit Sethi (definitely check him out), I’m going to change the way I teach personal finance. In the past, I’ve inundated people with various pieces of personal finance, but never have I truly made it as simple as I wanted it. My original mission was to simply dumb down the concepts surrounding personal finance, so anyone can understand. The problem is, most people don’t even want to understand, they just want to be rich.  Ramit has it right when he says:

What personal finance needs is less people who think that “information” alone will change behaviors, and more people with marketing and psychology backgrounds who know that it’s critical to connect with people in order to change their behaviors. More information alone won’t do. Education is not the solution to personal-finance problems.

Having said this, I’m going to change my style of writing to better focus on helping people become rich, rather than to learn personal finance, which nobody really cares about (except for a select few).

I recently posted over on insidestl.com the following article quoted below. I want you to read this because it’s my new approach and direction with regards to teaching this information.

You want to be rich and stop working but you could care less about learning personal finance or money management. You’re certainly not alone. In this article, I’m going to take a step backwards from my previous articles, and explain to you how simple this shit really is. Too many people make this subject overly complex to sound all knowledgeable, when the fact is, taking action is the most important step you can take.

Who really gives a shit about learning everything there is to know about stocks or bonds, 401ks, IRAs, retirement planning, living frugal, tax planning or whatever the hell else there is in personal finance? Not many people, that’s for certain. The bottom line, you want to be rich, not learn about finance. You don’t want to even have to think about money. You want to be in control and do whatever the hell you want, splurging on cool shit when you want it. The good news, it’s pretty freaking simple to get to that point and quick.

If you want to be rich it comes down to your doing these four things starting now; stop wasting money on shit you don’t care about, pay off your debt, start saving 10-20% of your income at minimum, and make a plan to retire. Before you know it, you’ll have money out the ass and you won’t have to worry about that. There’s too much other shit to worry about in life.

From now on, my columns will be dedicated to your learning those four steps above in order to make you rich. I’m going to show you how to save money on shit you buy everyday so you can buy the stuff you do care about. I’m going to show you a couple of ways to help you get the hell out of debt, and the way I recommend.  I’m going to show you how you can easily sock away more than 10% of the money you take in so you can get rich. Last, I’m going to show you how to set a date to quit freaking working so you can travel and experience life and do whatever the hell you want to.

Check out FinanceDad.com until my next column comes out Tuesday. Inspiration from this post comes from Ramit Sethi. Contact me regarding any questions you have: Mark@FinanceDad.com.

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