Already have a buyer, do I need a broker to assist in the sale?

A reader Rachel asks:If we have a buyer for our home, do we really need a broker/agent? The people who are renting our house want to make it their own; a price has already been negotiated. Am I wrong in thinking a broker or agent is a waste of money? Thanks for your advice!

First off, thanks for the question Rachel. As mentioned in my article “Do you really need a broker” it’s really not a complicated process and it’s truly a waste of money if you feel comfortable that you’ve covered all your bases. Because you’ve already got a buyer, and have negotiated a mutually agreeable price, the broker is of almost no use and will certainly provide little value for either of you compared to what they will cost. If however, you feel that you’re simply selling the property at this price because it’s convenient and you haven’t shopped your property around, it may not be a bad idea to take a step back and ask yourself if you’re really getting the most of the property that you could. In that regard, a broker could assist you in telling you what they think about the sale price and terms, etc. It makes sense to make certain you are getting the best deal you can. If you have to pay a broker a couple points to sell your home for several thousand dollars more, it may make sense to check them out, it’s free after all unless you decide to move forward in selling through the broker. I hope this helps!

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