American Express Blue Card: A Tasteful Temptation

The Blue Cash Card from American Express just got a little more tasty if you use it to buy your groceries, and it may even be one of the best credit card offers around for groceries. The company is tweaking the rewards formula for their Preferred card, by adding a $75 annual fee but giving, in return, 6% back on groceries. Another option is its Everyday card. With no annual fee, the Everyday card gives cardholders 3% back on groceries.
Preferred Blue Cash Card
The new Preferred Blue Cash Card now has an annual fee of $75. Although the old card had no annual fee, American Express is leading the industry by giving cardholders a whopping 6% back on all groceries. The rewards don’t stop there. Cardholders also receive 3% back on gas and department store purchases, and 1% back on all other purchases from the first dollar spent. The old card gave cardholders 5% back on all gas, grocery and drug store purchases and 1.25% back on all other purchase after an initial $6,500 was spent.

Unlike other credit card issuers that change the exact percentage of cash rewards each month or make cardholders fill out rebate forms in order to get the reward, American Express is opting for a more clear-cut route. Once the reward reaches at least $25, cardholders can opt to have the amount credited against their statement. They also have the option of receiving gift cards or merchandise. To top it off, there are no limits on how much cash cardholders can earn. Lastly, the company is allowing holders of the old card to continue on with the old reward terms for now.
Everyday Blue Cash Card
The Everyday Blue Cash Card is for cardholders that want to avoid the annual fee. With no annual fee, cardholders receive 3% back on all groceries, 2% back at gas stations and department stores and 1% back on all other purchases. Not a bad deal for a credit card with no annual fee.


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