Are you prepared for an earthquake or natural disaster?

NMSZBigSeeing the recent destruction and annihilation in Haiti, Chile, and now Taiwan, it makes sense to review your own disaster preparedness plans. In St. Louis, we’re only 150 or so miles away from a huge fault line ( the New Madrid Fault Line), and honestly, anything could happen at any time. The last time something major happened was about 110 years ago. Before that, about 200 years ago, a major quake on the fault caused the Mississippi to flow backwards, and created Reelfoot lake in TN.

So what can or should we do to ensure we can survive until we can get out of town and or until help arrives? What types of supplies should we have on hand and how can you incorporate this into your everyday living plans so you don’t just do this for a year or two?

More links to earthquake preparedness information and response agencies

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