Bank of America – Intentionally screwing over customers will hurt you

A reader writes in about their experience with Bank of America, you should probably listen:

If I had to make a recommendation on who to bank with – it certainly wouldn’t be Bank of America. Who allows customer transactions to go through when customers don’t have funds? Bank of America. They then turn around and charge overdraft fees of $35 per transaction. This is shady business at best. A bank that cared about it’s customers would not allow this to happen, it would simply reject the transaction. You have the ability to setup your account to reject transactions when there’s not funds, but there’s no difference in fees, $35 if you try and run a transaction though without funds. It’s time for everyone to ditch the major banks like Bank of America who prey on screwing over loyal customers and move to credit unions and or other banks that treat their customers right. Too often we allow these banks to get away with this for far too long, it’s your choice to stand up and walk away – and be treated right.


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