Best checking accounts and promotions for New Jersey banks

On to the mailbag again to wrap up this week..

Jan wrote:
TD bank just hit me with a ton of overdraft chgs. I live in Nutley, NJ. Which NJ bank has the best checking acct. program?

Well Jan, I’m not sure all of these guys will help you manage your money in the form of preventing overdraft charges, but here are several other reputable New Jersey Banks you could consider (it also may be wise to add overdraft protection to your accounts, that way if you go over your limit you can tie a credit card or another account for them to hit, instead of charging you an exorbitant amount in fees when you go over your limit). Some of the below banks have no overdraft charges guaranteed (but you may pay for that in some other regards – so just because they say there is none, doesn’t mean you’re not going to pay for it in some other fees)

All of these banks are good and reputable banks in the New Jersey area and all likely have some sort of promotion going on. It would be wise to see what they have to offer for your signing up as well as being diligent in understanding what they charge you for on a monthly basis, and if there aren’t monthly fees, what are the major transactional fees do they charge.

Good Luck!

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