Best days to travel to save the most on airfare during Thanksgiving, Christmas

It’s that time of the year again when the airports start to jam up with travelers going back home to see relatives or for those heading out of town for an abbreviated vacation on the holidays. Most people would be surprised to find out that changing your departure or arrival by just a couple of days could cut the cost of their flight in half. Below, I’m going to show you which days you should travel via air, if you are wanting to avoid the ridiculous waiting as well as cost associated with Holiday travel.

Obviously, your most expensive option would be to travel the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or on Thanksgiving Day itself. If I were traveling to DC to see my pal Pat, and I left the day before Thanksgiving and returned that Sunday, it would cost me about $550.

But what if I left on Monday instead, then returned on Sunday?

I would save about 20% or $90. That’s a big difference. Now what would it cost if I left Sunday before, returning Sunday after?

It would cost me $432 round trip, or nearly $120 would be saved.

But what if left on Monday, and returned the following Tuesday?

It would cost about $374 round-trip, and I would save nearly $175 or about 1/3 or roughly 32% off on my flights. Moreover, these cost estimates are based upon booking 2 weeks in advance, if you were to book about 7-8 weeks prior to travel, you’ll get the best deal. Also, Wednesday’s are the best day of the week to grab deals on air travel.

The bottom line, if your flexible with your schedule during holiday travel, you can probably avoid most lines and keep your costs down significantly.

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