Best Personal Finance Applications For Your iPhone

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If you have an iPhone, then it is probably the center of your universe, and that is the way Apple intended it. However, are you using your iPhone to its fullest potential when it comes to managing your personal finances? It is probably no surprise that there are dozens of personal finance applications you can download to your iPhone, but below are just a few of the best apps to help you make the most of your money in the palm of your hand.

Internet Banking On Your iPhone

Many banks and financial institutions have launched an iPhone application to allow you to view and manage your finances using your phone. Internet banking apps are usually free and allow you to easily view your account balances, transfer money between your accounts and pay bills, and many Internet banking apps will also help you find a friendly ATM in your area no matter where you are.

Check The Stock Market

If you are involved at any level in share trading then you know how important it is to have access to real-time financial market information, place trades and know all of the latest news and price quotes and as such you are probably familiar with the Bloomberg Terminal. While the Bloomberg Mobile iPhone app doesn’t offer you the exact same features it is a very easy-to-use mobile phone application which gives you current news, stock quotes, company information, and price chart and market trend analyses to make sure you can always make the right decision and be on top of any changes in the market. Bloomberg Mobile allows you to replace the standard Apple stocks app with a more comprehensive version, and also allows you to view larger charts of your share trading information when you rotate your iPhone horizontally.

Access to Your PayPal Account

PayPal is not just a feature you can use when you are buying things on eBay and instead you can use the PayPal app to check your balance, send money to your friends or family, all in up to 16 different currencies. You can access your PayPal account on your iPhone using your existing PIN or password however you are unable to display your transaction history using the current PayPal app.

Loan Calculator

If you are in the market for a credit card, personal loan or mortgage you can use the Loan Shark iPhone application to compare different loans from different lenders. The Loan Shark allows you to calculate what your repayment would be, the interest rate or the loan amount and while you can see common loan terms you can also use Loan Shark to see the differences it can make if you contribute higher or lower repayments to your loan. You can also work out exactly how long you will be repaying your credit card debt or help you determine how far away you are from repaying your home loan. Plus once you’ve made comparisons of the loan products from different lenders this application will also help you locate the closest branch of your chosen lender if you want to apply right away.

Tip Calculators

Calculating the tip on the bill can be a frustrating and time-consuming way to end a meal for example, however there are several iPhone applications which can take the pain out of those calculations. Tiptap is a free application and is very straightforward, with large easy-to-use buttons for speedy calculations, not to mention ease-of-use if you are calculating the tip on the drinks tab. The Tiptap also works in a number of languages and currencies, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Swedish and Japanese. Tipulator is a 99 cent app which has the same great tip calculations features but uses a more aesthetically pleasing display, and number dials to make the calculations fun and easy.

A Mobile Cheque-Book Which Has Stood The Test Of Time

The key to successfully maintaining your budget is making sure that all of your entries are accurate and you know exactly where your money is going at any one time. PocketMoney is a mobile cheque-book which was first launched over 15 years ago on the Apple Newton, and became popular with users of Palm and Windows Mobile devices. As such this application can make using the iPhone easier and more familiar for those who have been using PDAs for many years or who are familiar with the Quicken accounting software. PocketMoney allows you to track an unlimited number of accounts, and can also generate expense reports and pie charts based on those accounts. You will also be able to import database files from the Palm or Quicken programs, or synchronise the files over a WiFi network between your desktop and you iPhone.

Finance News

Features you are looking for in a finance news application will differ depending on your personal finance needs and situation, however a popular finance news app is CNNMoney. The CNNMoney iPhone application allows you to add or remove the categories you want and you can choose from real estate, technology, or small business for example. You can also adjust how the menus display and you can choose to drag and drop a category to the top of the home screen for example, for quick reference. This output also gives you access to CNN stories and interviews from the network, while allowing you to share stories by e-mail or on twitter. The CNNMoney application can only be used with a WiFi, 3G or EDGE connection and cannot be viewed in landscape unless you are watching a video.

If you have an iPhone you want to make sure you are making the most of all of its capabilities, what could be more useful than help managing your budget, your shares or keeping up-to-date with the latest financial news which relates to you?

Alban is a personal finance writer. He provides budgeting tips and helps people to compare balance transfer credit cards.

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    Best Personal Finance Applications For Your iPhone…

    If you have an iPhone, then it is probably the center of your universe, and that is the way Apple intended it. However, are you using your iPhone to its fullest potential when it comes to managing your personal finances? It is probably no surprise that…

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