Best Stock Trading Platforms And Or Software Research for Investing?

Trading in the money markets is changing. People want to control their own investment options and learn trading options. Whether they trade day after day in stocks, options, futures or foreign exchange (forex) the new movement is DIY trading.
It is a simple matter to go online and sign up for stock trading platforms or multiple trading platforms like ‘’ that offers powerful software tools for devising your own investment strategies. You can analyze the various markets by personalizing your own analytic ideas and then automate and test your moneymaking prowess with actual the trading technology of the money markets, and all in a single trading platform.
Trading independently means much lower trading costs because brokerage house are not cheap. What you have to put in instead is time. To learn trading options for example you can register with any number of trading platforms and do simulator trading for as long as you need in order to become proficient before you put any money at risk.
At you can do simulator trading in stocks for less than $7 a trade. There is plenty of advice on the Internet on stock trading strategies or strategies to make money every time you learn options trading. People no longer need to be apprenticed in a finance or brokerage house, and the real beauty is that you can trade day by day without leaving your house and commuting to an office in the city somewhere.
Simulator trading is the same in principle as an airplane flight simulator. Simulator trading uses the exact same computer trading platforms as are available on the stock exchange floor. In this sense they are even closer to the reality than a flight simulator. The FAA would never let you fly a plane single handed until you had landed perfectly in a simulator over and over again. You would also need to have flown for real with a qualified pilot before going it alone. This last is where simulator trading and flight simulation part company. Nobody is going to hold your hand when you go live trading.
Trust me on this. If you crash and burn on simulator trading you will crash and burn and lose your shirt in reality! So take your time and treat simulator trading as the real thing. Develop your own unique trading strategies, test them to destruction and only if and when you are confident then put some money where your mouth is.

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