Charging to remove links on Sponsored Posts and Guest Posts

My site accepts guest posts and sponsored posts from around the world, but who should pay to remove links due to the most recent Google Updates. There are two sides to most every argument. The website owner has to spend time to remove any link requests (and I’ve had numerous requests this week alone) and that can add up to bunch of work and not being paid. On the other hand, you’ve got websites that are being linked to now in a manner that they don’t want and that is what they deem harmful to their site. They got an unnatural link warning from Google, and are on the prowl to undo all the hard work they once did (and money they paid).

Legally, what can be done to webmasters or site owners to remove a link? As long as the link is not libelous, I would think nothing. Then again, I’m an Accountant, not a lawyer. I guess we will see how this plays out.

In the end, if the site owner doesn’t comply with the demand, they may lose future business as a result and or guest posts. In my experience there are very few repeat customers or advertisers, they are mostly one off. Either, way you slice it, this is not going to be fun for either side, advertiser or site owner. I think I’m going to experiment with a small nominal fee on guest post link removal, for now I will keep those requests for Sponsored/Paid post link removal for free. What do you think?

What you can do as a site owner that is not having success getting links removed is to block the site in question through your .htaccess file. But see- then it’s work for you!

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