Driving performance from your staff via development, input and feedback

Investing in people

Many individuals that have sought financial freedom have seen going into business as a great way to achieve their goals. And no matter what industry you’re in, you’ll quickly come to realize that we are all in the business of people.

As much as businesses spend on resources such as technology and marketing campaigns to stay competitive and set themselves apart in the industry, at the end of the day the most important asset in your organization is your staff – your people. They dictate the experience your clients will have with your organization, whether it’s the helpful consultant at the other end of a phone conversation or the trained beautician that always delivers service with a smile.

How do you ensure that you get the best performance from your team and invest wisely in this critical resource?

–       Resources – whether it’s computers, medical equipment or even furniture, give your staff the tools and equipment they need to do their job and to do it well. Equipment leasing via vendor finance is a way many businesses can ensure they stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry and prevent their equipment from becoming obsolete.

–       Professional Development – it’s important to invest in your staff’s professional development and make sure that your investments are in line with their broader career goals. By investing in your staff’s development, you’ll be adding to the skills that they bring to the table and allowing you to develop and grow your own operations and offering.

–       Taking input and feedback – listen to your team and we mean, really listen. Acknowledging and acting on this feedback ensures that your staff feel that they are contributing to their workplace and influencing it in a positive way. You’ll be amazed at the types of insights that you gain from passionate and enthused employees.

Meanwhile, HR managers and experts continue to emphasize the importance of a positive workplace culture and how much this affects employee performance. As much as you invest in your team, you’ll also need to actively invest in your company culture. This includes company outings, allowing flexible hours or even setting up a day where staff are allowed to bring in pets from home (if there are no health hazards to consider!).

By investing in quality staff, you’ll be ensuring that the face of your business will be delivering the very best experiences for your customers. In this business of people, you should always strive to become the employer of choice.

Author Bio: Paige writes about small business issues from human resources to commercial and vendor finance. She is based in Sydney.

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