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If you are an investor or a trader and your ‘must-have’ feature is instant trade execution, then your choice of online brokerage is a simple one. Fidelity has provides the ability for a one–second trade execution. Their confidence is backed up by a commission refunding guarantee on all eligible orders, if there is a delay in execution. So, if you are trading on narrow profit margins and speed is of the essence and before prices fluctuate against your position, Fidelity is the outfit for you.

A quality online brokerage service is one that meets its customers requirements whatever those requirements may be. Fidelity may not be a quality outfit if your requirement is to know in advance what your fees and commissions payment will be. It varies with the size of your investment pot. The bigger your pot and the more trades you do, the lower the price. As low as $8 each in fact for 120 plus trades in a year. Or they can be as high as $20 minus 5 cents when you do less than 36 trades a year. There is a minimum start up account size of $2500. They charge no fees on mutual funds and bonds. Fidelity’s options contracts fees is 75 cents. This is very competitive in the industry. The investment accounts and the resources are fully comprehensive and meet the quality requirements of all users from the advanced options trader to the bewildered beginner. There is professional support appropriate to your level of expertise, advanced options tools and no hidden fees.

The best thing about the Fidelity website is the easy access folder format across the top of the page and the plain English drop down menus. The functional search facility is also very intuitive and easy to use. I typed in ‘options contracts fees’ and went direct to the full matrix of all fees. It could not be simpler or more comprehensive. Every conceivable type of investment vehicle is covered in jargon-free ways. Just enter your area of interest from trusts for children to retirement planning and finding your way around the different sections of the site is very easy.

The knowledgeable investor will be able to work with the many practical research and trading tools. You can create your own Fidelity  desktop with charts, graphs and quotes relevant to your preferred investment strategy and automated trading. There is large amounts of easy referenced learning material to develop your investing experience. There are Fidelity news updates, company research analysis and trend reports as well as articles on every financial issue. There are also live online workshops or seminars at local investment centers. Fidelity has 103 branch investment centers across the country so you can consult with an advisor in person and attend seminars. All the usual online help and support features are there with downloadable text and FAQs of course. You can choose your preferred  customer support channel from email, phone or instant messaging.

Fidelity is head and shoulders above the competition as the best all-round online stock trading and financial service provider. They offer everything that you could expect and they do it to the highest standard. They also have a number of outstanding features including the singular one–second guarantee as the icing on the practical investment tools cake. The final word has to belong to this typical ‘Dogs of Dow’ blogger; “There is not much else to say except: superior service; seamless accessibility; excellent fees and commission. I can sincerely say there is not another comprehensive financial company I would rather work with more than Fidelity.”

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