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100_dollar_bill1I am starting a new contest today to drive more twitter followers. To get in on the action, follow me on Twitter now –¬† @FinanceDadblog. I know you want in on this too – because you can win $100 for 10 seconds of work. I obviously need everyone’s help in doing this too, hence my reward. All of my current twitter followers are eligible and encouraged to participate and help drive my twitter goals.

But before I discuss my goals and the rewards, I want to share why I turned from thinking twitter was useless, to really thinking it’s a cool way to keep up with other people.

The main reasons I (now) think twitter is cool include:

  • I can find out what everyone is saying on their blogs in one spot, and click only the links I want to read more about. If you follow multiple blogs it’s a really useful tool.
  • I can follow people in the personal finance world with ease (you can follow those in your area) and other experts in my area.
  • I can network with many people I wouldn’t be able to otherwise
  • I can get my voice heard immediately and with relative ease and get feedback on what I’m saying
  • I can get the latest news before the major news sources publish them
  • Twitter’s founder (Jack Dorsey) is a Saint Louis Native – I’ve got to support my hometown guy ;p

I’m breaking my goals and rewards into four milestones.

  1. Once I reach a measly 100 followers, I will give out the first $25 (odds of winning = 1 in 100). I don’t think that’s too much considering I’ve got 35 followers right now.
  2. As soon as I hit 200 followers, I’ll give out another $25 (odds of winning = 1 in 200).
  3. Next, when I hit 350 followers, I’ll give out another $25 (odds of winning = 1 in 350).
  4. Finally, when I hit 500 followers, I’ll give out the final $25 – for a total of $100 (odds of winning = 1 in 500).

I’ll be randomly ( selecting one follower at each milestone, so it’s important to not just follow then unfollow. You can win each time I hit a milestone as long as you’re still following me on twitter. This contest will end if my goals remain unmet by May 31,2010.¬† I will contact the winner within 72 hours of meeting each milestone, via twitter, and announce the results¬† and winner on my site. The winner will have 72 hours to make arrangements for receiving their prize(s). If the winner does not respond in the timeframe, then another winner will be drawn from the existing pool. The winner can choose to receive payment via American Express gift card, money order, via paypal, or any other mutually agreed method (I will even send you cash at your risk).

As a bonus, I’ll keep track of who’s retweeting my posts the most, and I’ll award a person $25 who I believe has gone out of their way (regardless, one person will win this and at my discretion), whether that be when I meet my goals or when the contest ends, whatever happens first. So, do your part and retweet this to get people signing up and get you a piece of the free $100 contest prize, and the bonus $25 too!

financedadblog-on-twitter on Twitter @FinanceDadblog

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