Frugal Home or Office Furniture, buy used

It’s amazing to me that so many consumers insist on buying brand new office furniture when used office furniture offers so much more value for often times half the cost or more. Take for example used cubicles, businesses are going out of business each and everyday and liquidate their inventory at rock bottom prices. If you were starting up a new business, you would be silly to waste cash when it could be put to much better use in so many other areas, like you know, attracting and retaining new customers. I know I’ve got several readers who own their own small businesses so I’m hoping this article makes them think before they go out and buy new.

When you consider that buying used can save you upwards of 70% and more, it only makes sense to at least check out what’s available used before buying new. Also, if you’re a small business, maybe it makes sense to team up with another small business that needs similar office furniture and buy in bulk as to reduce total costs for both parties. It maybe strategically difficult but you never know until you try. Put an ad on Craigslist seeking other buyer partners. Don’t just buy new, take the time and look around.

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