Frugal living tips from Nana

grandmotherWhen looking for frugal living advice, it makes sense to learn from those who have being doing so virtually their entire lives. Enter Nana, my wife’s wonderful grandmother, and one of the most frugal people I’ve been so fortunate to learn from. Below is a list Nana put together detailing out the various things she does to remain as frugal as possible, hope you learn and enjoy.

  • Save at least 15% of net pay
  • U.S. bond a month plan with direct withdrawal
  • Coupons, Coupons, Coupons – Watch for sales to use the coupons with
  • Read Mary Hunts Cheapskate column and take her advice. She has a lot of freebies. It is on-line and in the newspapers.
  • Edward Jones is a good investment bank
  • Intel is the worst and AOL next
  • I believe and use debit cards
  • Credit cards are paid off when due monthly
  • Some house payments can have the monthly payment made and a 2nd check made out for whatever amount, pay only on principal. That way the interest is paid and the rest pays on balance. I don’t know if every lender does this and I don’t know if credit cards will. A person would have at to check with them first.
  • Buy children’s clothing at garage sales or resale shops. Trade with friends. Stay away from brand names, they cost much more. Would work with toys also.
  • Compare prices, no matter what you are doing.
  • Walk away at least once or twice before you invest in anything. Especially big ticket items.
  • Take care of vehicles and house. Preventive maintenance pays off big time.
  • Compare insurance cost, sometimes cheaper if home and vehicles are consolidated.
  • Check register tapes and receipts, count pills from drugstore, ask about otc meds.
  • Turn off lights, t.v.’s, etc. when you leave a room. Turn down heat at night and check water heater settings.Don’t jump in the car each time you turn around, do all errands at once.
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  1. We find that even though we think of ourselves as pretty clued up on all things frugal, we are still constantly learning new ways to save those pennies.

  2. FinanceDad says:

    Very true, it’s an on-going process… an evolving process if you will. Thanks for the comment!

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