Going to get a Discover credit card? Find out the best card with these 8 Discover cards reviews.

There are various credit cards to choose from in the market today. For now, I will focus on reviewing several credit cards offered at Discover. Whether you’re looking for cash back rewards, or rewards for doing the things you do most like travel, Discover probably has a card for you.

Discover The ‘Discover More’ Credit Card To Save Money.

Get $50 Cash Back Bonus with the Discover® More Card!

During the easy credit, before the 2008 credit crunch, there was a good selection of credit cards offering 5% cash back on lots of purchases. In the last year or two most of these 5% lifestyle cash back credit cards have disappeared, but not the Discover More’Card. When managed properly this card can be the most rewarding one available and save the holder lots of money.

It is not just the size of the cash back that is impressive with the Discover More Card but it also gives 5% cash back on more types of purchases. The default cash back rate on all purchases is 1%. The key to making the most of cash deals is to track them and plan carefully all of the purchases that you would be doing anyway.

The 5% cash back specials are not constant throughout the year. For example, from January until March you get the best cash back on such things as airlines, hotels, car rentals, cruises, grocery stores and drugstores. These are all the big seasonal spending items for a winter vacation. So you would be spending this in all likelihood at this time anyway.

In the spring, the following buys get you the most rewards: Clothing stores, department Stores and home improvement Stores.

Further savings can be had when you double your cash back by redeeming the money not as cash but in the form of gift cards from a large range of participating Discover partners. Again, the key is to track the availability of deals and defer your purchases for the most beneficial time and place to scoop up that great discount or reward.

On the cost side there are no annual fees and no redemption fees.

This Discover card is also one of the few cards left doing a balance transfer deal. Most other lenders have stopped this kind of attraction offer, but Discover currently gives 0% for 6 months on balance transfers and 0% for 6 months on purchases. The standard APR is also very competitive after the introductory phase. For all the terms and conditions visit the website.

Discover The Freedom Of The Open Road Card.

Discover® Open Road Card

Americans have wised up to money. There’s competition in the credit market and it’s being driven by demands from consumers for better and better deals from their credit cards. Americans are switching credit cards more often and matching those credit cards to their lifestyles to save more money whenever they use them.

The ‘Open Road’ credit card from Discover is a good way for the traveling deal conscious Americans looking for more returns from their credit cards. This card is designed specifically to appeal to the high mileage car owner and comes with lower annual fees than most of its competition.

To see if the Open Road card could be a big money-saver for you, ask yourself these two questions: 1) Do you have a car and spend at least $100 per month to keep your vehicle in top running order and 2. Do you regularly buy stuff online?

If the answer to both of these yes, then the biggest money saving travel credit card for you may be the Discover Open Road card, with a 5% cash back reward on your first $100 of gas and auto maintenance spent each month.

In addition, the Open Road card gives up to 1% cash back on all other spending, again, each month. Of course, just like other cash reward cards, the amount of refunded money that you earn rises in line with the amount that you spend on the card each month.

Think on it! Use your Open Road card for all of your day-to-day spending then repay the balance each month and you will find yourself earning the full 1% cash back on top of that 5% on your car expenses. The Open Road card also offers between 5% and 20% cash back bonuses when you buy specific items from many popular online retailers.

There are no annual fees and the Discover Open Road card does an introductory offer of 0% APR for the first six months, thereafter the standard variable rate applies. But remember, the real money savings are to be had from cash back by paying in full the monthly balance.

Discover has a stable and reliable customer service department with a large and growing customer base. More importantly, from the customer point of view, the Discover card is universally accepted at outlets worldwide and they have a free fraud liability guarantee.

Application is easy and the acceptance is immediate thanks to the excellent Discover customer service department.

Freedom To Save With The Miles Card

The Miles Card from Discover is a credit card yes, but a credit card with a difference. The Miles card is similar to that of their Open road card for the person who loves to travel like me and craves the freedom to choose at every stage of the journey, especially the booking stage. The Miles Card is not restricted to particular agents like many other travel cards. It is a travel credit card that lets you, the traveling cardholder, earn points that are redeemed for travel rewards.

It’s a simple formula too. If you spend a lot of money on traveling, the Miles card by Discover gives you one mile for every dollar you spend on the card. For the first $3,000 you can earn 6000 miles. That’s double rewards for stuff you’re paying for anyway.

Miles Card Application

These Discover Miles are redeemable with your favorite travel agent (online or offline) to book those all-important tickets. The miles go directly to credit the purchases you’ve made. You’ll really like this promotion if you want to earn reward points, but still retain the flexibility to do your own bookings as opposed to having to use the credit company’s travel agent and face the all to frequent hassles associated with doing so.

With the Miles card, there are no off limit dates or other restrictions. If you prefer, you can always redeem your miles for gift certificates or cash rebates instead.

Another good benefit of the Miles by Discover credit card is that it does not charge an annual fee. With the Miles card you also get a zero percent introductory interest rate for 6 months on all spending. Plus up to 6 months on balance transfers.

A lot of these speciality credit cards give stuff away and then bump up the interest, but not Discover. They are aiming to have a different card for different cardholder lifestyles, so the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is on the low end of the market and the same for all cards. The average daily balance method is used to calculate monthly balances, which is probably the fairest way to do so.

The Miles by Discover card is the best deal around for the traveler who wants to earn points and keep the flexibility to book their own itinerary.

Money Talks with The ‘Motiva Card’.

Apply for the Discover® Motiva Card today! link goes straight to application page

Do you like to save money? Stupid question right, who doesn’t these days? Paying high interest rates with your credit cards is not a great way to save money. Everybody knows that the smart thing to do is pay your monthly balance and maximize the cash back rewards so your credit card company is paying you. But if you do carry over a balance then you really need to look closely at the offers on your credit card.

Do you always pay your credit balance on time? Then let me tell you about the Motiva Card from Discover that gives cardholders a cash bonus when they pay their minimum bills for six straight months. The bonus is actually equal to the finance charges for the seventh month after those on time monthly payments. This should be enough alone to want this credit card. On time minimum payments for six months in a row and, thank you very much, you get a bonus equal to seven months of finance charges.  You can do this twice a year.

The Discover Motiva Card is also a tiered cash back credit card. Holders can earn up to a 2% rebate on all their spending. It works like this; for the first $1,500 you get 0.25%. For the next $1,500 spent, you get 0.50% rebate. When you spend more than $3,000, you earn 1% rebate. These rebates are unlimited and are not time restricted.

Go to Discover.com and there is a lot more money to be saved at the company online store. Anything from 5% to 20% discounts can be found. Then you can double the value of those rebates by redeeming them for gift vouchers from over 60 retailing Discover partners. To give you a taste of some of the gift certificate partners there are Bennigan’s Black Angus/Cattle Company Steakhouse,and On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina, to name just two. If you are into DIY then consider another one of their offers in Ace Hardware or Bed Bath & Beyond. There are others too, like AMC Theatres and BLOCKBUSTER Online.

The Discover Motiva Card has no annual fee.You also get a low 3.9% APR on balances transferred from another card for a full year for balance transfers and 6 months for purchases.

The grace period on spending is 25 days rather than the standard 20. While the average daily balance method is used to calculate monthly balances. It all adds up to this; if you carry a credit card balance there is money to be saved by switching to a better deal like the Discover Motiva card.

Escape Card By Discover Is Just The Ticket To Ride.

Escape by Discover®

The Discover card, as the name suggests, is a credit card that is aimed at those who travel and are looking for travel rewards. It is therefore one of the top travel rewards credit cards. Uniquely among credit cards, this one let’s you earn double miles for every dollar spent on it. There is no limit on the number of miles or on the time over which the rewards last.

There are two conditions to keep in order to be sure you getting the rewards and these are; 1) You have to use the card every month for a year and a half and 2) you cannot make two consecutive late payments. Not too onerous for the serious traveler for whom organization and management are essential skills anyway.Properly managing the Discover Escape card and reap its handsome rewards.

Use the card to pay for all your airline tickets, hotel reservations and car rentals etc. Then submit all these expenses to Discover within 90 days. For every 10,000 miles of travel you can be rewarded with $100 and you still have the freedom to choose where you spend your money. Comparing this to the standard frequent flyer programs, the Escape card really is a better deal.

Another impressive feature of the Escape card is in doubling the value of the rewards. Exchange your rewards for gift cards at over 90 partner organizations. Often these gift cards are worth more than face value of the rewards. For example, many sellers take 2,000 miles for a $25 gift card and Celebrity cruise will genuinely double the value of your gift card!

At Shopdiscover.com the Escape card earns added double miles for each dollar spent or a rather than the generous, up to 20%, cash rebate.

The Escape annual fee is $60,but the rewards are outstanding.

Student Card

Discover® Student Card-No Annual Fee

The Discover Student card allows students to earn more cash rebates than any other student credit card on the market. The best way to see this is to check their website which shows a wide range of partner student organizations involved with Discover.com.

There are 5% rebates on airlines, hotels, car rentals and bookstores. There are also attractive 5% discounts on things like home cruises (because students love cruises). Not to mention, there are also between 5% and 20% rebates at more than 100 online retailers such as GAP, OldNavy and Dell.

Students with this card are able to take advantage of the double value rebates that can be earned if they redeem their rewards for specific gift cards. Discover’s student card has nearly a hundred mainstream businesses offering these double rewards. When they shop online, they also have extra security with these unique cards. Shopdiscover.com is Discover’s happy money-saving hunting ground for all of their customers, not just students.

The Discover Student card lets them earn 1% on all of their annual expenditure when card spending exceeds $3,000. The first $1,500 of purchases earns .25% and the second half earns .50%. Spending at affiliated warehouse clubs, discount stores and their subsidiaries earn .25%. What student wouldn’t like to earn $500 in rebates each year?

Personal credit management is a life skill that students must acquire if they want to succeed. With the Discover Student card they can learn these skills.

In the spring students can earn 5% rebates on flights, hotels and car rentals, while in the fall the same can be had on gas, hotels and theme parks. This requires cardholders to monitor the Discover promotions literature and synchronize their planned purchases to save the maximum amount of money possible, given their spending objectives.

Under close examination, the Discover Student card comes out on top of the credit credit card market class.

The Clear Card.

Discover® Student Clear Card

If you keep a running balance between $1000 and $5000, this card is for you. It’s a wise thing to pay up that balance each month, but sometimes that’s not possible. If you don’t don’t pay off your balance each month, this card is likely the right one for you:

What’s attractive about this card is that there is no annual fee and there’s a zero percent introductory APR on purchases and balance transfer. The APR after the introductory offer times out, is competitive too.

What’s extra attractive about this card is the opportunities for you to get a huge 5% cash back bonus all year round on some very essential expenses, such as air travel, gas, and car rental. There is also a good level of general cash back for purchases made at selected warehouse clubs and discount stores.

The way rebates are earned is cumulative. A quarter percent rebate is earned on the first $1500 spent, and that is doubled for the second $1500. Everyday purchases reward the cardholder with a 1% rebate. There is no limit on the amount of rebates that you can earn.

The most attractive feature is double cash rebates at affiliated retailers and merchants through the ‘Cash back Bonus’ award program.

If you keep your account active for three years, the rebates won’t expire and you can advantage of the other, ‘platinum’ style benefits of this card, such as travel accident insurance, auto rental insurance, and fraud protection services as a given.

You will like the way this card is adapted for Internet account management services, and how you can have the card design customized most any way you want.

Current Card

Was it Aristotle who said, “What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing”. Discover has designed their Current card as a prepaid card that allows you to track spending, to teach how to handle credit in the real world. With the Current card, you can put spending limits in place. This card is perfect for teaching your children how to manage credit.

They can have the freedom of using the genuine card to buy their own stuff while giving you control of the spending. Best of all, the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your kids cannot go crazy under peer pressure and give themselves a bad credit score before their real economic life begins.

You and your kids can make direct deposits for free to the card. Once there’s a cash deposit, they can buy their books, clothes and CDs with the card, and even shop online or over the phone as well as at the stores in the local mall.

When the kids need cash they can use their own personal identity number at the ATM to make withdrawals. So you don’t worry about them getting stranded somewhere without money to get home. If they lose the card or it gets stolen, they will learn about the importance of fraud insurance, because it comes free and guaranteed with this excellent training card.

For $50 a year, the Current card is not free, but the learning to be had from it is useful in teaching your kids money management. There are other fees too, similar to most other cards out there, such as $0.50 per ATM transactions after the first four withdrawals. It is $3 to replace a lost or stolen card, and $5 if  they want to get a card statement on paper. However, Current card statements online are always available at no cost and there is no fee if they doesn’t use the card.

For your kids, it is a real card with real money, and real consequences to their every action expect that they won’t hurt their credit profile. Learning to manage credit safely is a great idea!

This article is an advertisement, it does not mean that FinanceDad.com endorses Discover’s products.

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