Home-made popcorn without the popcorn maker

popcorn“How to Make Frugal Popcorn in a Paper Lunch Sack”

My family devours some popcorn, and the prepackaged stuff can cost you an arm and a leg. I found this gem on al.com here, had to share, hope you enjoy!

“Pulling on my childhood lessons for another frugal tip today.  We had a bag of popcorn kernels that is sitting in our pantry that was going to waste.

Why was it going to waste?

It’s a horrible popcorn-maker-story that involves flames, smoke and kids screaming “what’s that smell?”

Needless to say — I didn’t want to waste the bag of popcorn.

So I went MacGyver in the kitchen ..

revert to 1986 when a new microwave sat in my childhood kitchen & microwave popcorn was not as readily available.

Here’s what you do:

Take 1 brown or white paper lunch sack.

1 cup of popcorn kernels

(you can add salt & pepper or a sprinkle of sugar & salt for kettle corn if you want)



Pour the kernels in the sack.

Add your seasoning if you wish.  You can wait.

Fold the bag at least 3 times to secure. (don’t staple it ha ha ha or use tape)

Microwave on your popcorn setting for about 1 minute 30 or less.  Listen for kernels to start popping.

Nothing, go another minute.

Pour out the popped pieces and return the bag to the microwave for 40 second intervals.

1.  Be careful not to burn the popcorn or the paper.

2.  Add your butter after you cook.

In theory you could use this to replace purchasing microwave prepackaged popcorn.

The kernels are cheap — $1 for a small bag at the dollar store, $2 at Dollar General or $2.97 at Walmart.

Lunch bags are about the same price.

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