How to Have a Cheap Night Out

You may think that a cheap night out nowadays is impossible, but the truth is you can have a great night on the town without breaking the bank. There are many places to go and things to do that are budget friendly, you just have to know how to find them. If you are wondering how to have a cheap night out, the following tips should help.


Let’s face it: dining out at restaurants can be very expensive. But, if you know where to go at the right times, you can dine for fairly cheap. The first thing you should do is find out which restaurants in your area offer daily specials. Specials can save you a great deal of money and often come with more than one course, which is an added bonus. Most of the time added courses cost extra at restaurants.

The next thing you should do is watch for any promotions at restaurants in your area. Many well-known, casual dining chains offer promotions that give you an appetizer, two entrees, and even a dessert for one price. Promotions like this are very popular because they save diners money, while providing them with food items they might not normally purchase.

Some restaurants also offer coupons that can save diners even more money on their meal. Look in your local Sunday paper for any coupons that may be of value to you. You can also check the websites of restaurants you enjoy to see if they offer any online coupons.

You can also save money at restaurants by purchasing reduced-price gift certificates or gift cards. Many websites give you the opportunity to save a tremendous amount of money on these things, and you can often buy them for much less than their face value. Do a simple internet search for “reduced-price restaurant gift certificates or gift cards,” and you will likely pull up many results.

If restaurants are not your style, a simple picnic in a nearby park can be a very cheap way to dine away from home. Pack some things that are reasonably-priced and throw in a bottle of inexpensive wine for a fun dining experience. It will save you from the busy restaurant scene and give you some alone time with whoever you may be dining with.


There are many enjoyable activities out there that do not require a great deal of money. Consider seeing a movie before you go out to eat, since earlier matinees are usually cheaper. You will also be less likely to buy pricey candy and popcorn if you know a yummy meal is in your future.

If you are a sports fan, you know all too well that sporting events can be expensive. Minor league baseball games are fun and usually pretty cheap to attend. Also, many sporting events offer reduced-price tickets if you arrive after the game is underway.

If you prefer the bar scene, there are options for you as well. Most bars have happy hour, which saves you money on your drinks. The time for happy hour varies with each establishment, so find out what is offered in your area. Bars also offer drink specials on certain nights of the week, so check out those as well. Some pubs host “Ladies Night,” so take advantage when you can. If you are a man, attend with a woman and have her buy your drinks so the savings are passed on to you.

Concert tickets have gotten ridiculously pricey, and people on budgets simply cannot afford them. If you enjoy music, look in your area for smaller venues or bars that host live bands. Although you probably will not see your all-time favorite group, you will get the live music experience that so many people love.

Once you discover that a cheap night out isn’t impossible, you will be happy you took the time to check out these tips. It is certainly nice to know that reasonable dining and entertainment options still exist in the world today.

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