How to make your boss happy and get promoted

Imagine for a minute you were the boss, what kind of people would you like working for you? Many would argue it depends on the work. I would argue it depends on the person, and how they tackle issues and problems presented to them. Having managed multiple people over my career, I have first hand experience as to why certain people will never be promoted, and why others seem to jump up the ladder very quickly. This article will explore the differences in the two types of employees, the promoted employee versus the stuck or even demoted employee.

Characteristics of employee’s stuck in their career, or sometimes even demoted may include:

  • Presents their problems to their boss without trying to first resolve them on their own
  • Negative, can’t do attitude
  • Concentrate on people causing the problem, not in helping resolve the issues
  • Pointing out errors others are creating without first trying to help the person correct the issue
  • Bringing personal problems to work
  • Does not challenge current processes
  • Excessively tardy or continual excuses
  • Ineffective team player
  • Talks more than listens to boss
  • Caustic
  • Gossiper
  • Having to say something in every meeting just to hear themselves speak
  • Indecisive and not confident

Characteristics of employee’s who move up the ladder fast may include:

  • Tactful
  • Presents problems to boss with alternative solutions and or recommendations
  • Team player
  • Listens more than talks
  • Concentrate on solutions versus the problem
  • At work early or at least on time on a regular basis
  • Discovers new and better ways to handle existing processes
  • Helps others fix problems, then notifies boss
  • Not too excitable, delivers messages and news in consistent and professional manner
  • Decisive and confident

What would make you want to promote one of your employees? The fact is, a boss is looking for someone they don’t have to hand hold at every turn, rather they want a person who will be a problem solver on their own. They want to someone who is ambitious and excited, someone who can look at the big picture as well as the details. Your boss wants to be the decision maker, but not make all the decisions for you. Your boss wants to have the final say, but not do all the leg work in order for you to make them a recommendation.

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