How to Pay for Your Daughter’s Wedding

The day you find out that your having a baby girl, you know, or at least hope, that one day your little princess will find herself a good spouse to grow old with. You might have started saving long before she began dating, or maybe you’ve tried to save and it just hasn’t worked out. Life gets in the way sometimes, and it’s hard to save for the future when you’re struggling to make it in the present. Either way, the day will come when you may feel obligated to at least help pay for the big day. It’s probably a little intimidating considering the average cost of a wedding is more than $20,000. Fortunately, no matter how impossible it may seem, you can do it even if you don’t have that kind of money saved up.

Start Early

The easiest way for you to pay for your daughter’s wedding would be by saving early. There are many ways for you to invest such as buying a Certificate of Deposit, using a savings account, or investing in stocks or mutual funds. Each form of investment has its own benefits and risks so it is up to you to decide which one is the best option for you. CDs and savings accounts have much less risk than investing in a company’s stock or a mutual fund. However, mutual funds and stock investment have the ability to earn money exponentially. This basically means you can earn a lot more money in a lot less time.

Share Expenses

Even if you started saving money early, you may not have enough now. Our economy has suffered and a lot of people have been forced to dip into special savings just to pay the bills. If you don’t have the money to pay for the entire wedding, be up front with your daughter and talk about your options. The bride’s family may be the first asked to help pay, but things have changed, and they’re not expected to do it all on their own. Find out if other members of your family may be able to take on some of the expenses. Remember that the groom has a family as well, and they may be able to pitch in. After all, this celebration is about two families coming together.


If you are set on paying for your daughter’s wedding yourself, consider taking out a personal loan. If you choose to do go this route, be sure to do your research. You may be used to using the same bank, but before you take out a loan make sure that they offer the lowest interest rate. You can call around or visit different financial institutions in your area, or take the faster route. The internet has sites available for everything, including sites that compare the interest rates provided by banks. Take advantage of these sites and save yourself some time.

Cut Back

It’s natural for a parent to want to give their child what they want, especially for such an important occasion. Unfortunately life isn’t always that fair. Just like when she was growing up, sometimes you’ve just got to say no. If you’re on a tight budget and your bride wants to have a $10,000 ice sculpture, just say no. Cutting back on unnecessary things will leave more room for the important ones. If you’ve got to cut back more, take a look at the guest list. Try going for a smaller wedding or offering finger foods instead of an entire meal. Compromise is key and will help you to come out of this wedding as debt free as possible.

Get Creative

Cutting back on your own luxuries may give your daughter a little more room to play. Simple things like cutting back on the number of times you eat out a week, coupon clipping, or drinking water at restaurants can really add up. You may also consider selling some things. For example, that car or boat that brings back memories, but you really don’t need. Even if you don’t have anything large to sell, a garage sale may provide you with some extra money to put towards the flowers or other expenses. Try not to worry too much about everything. The important thing is that your daughter has found someone to love her and take care of her for the rest of her life. You should be happy, not stressed.

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