How to Save Money on Common Household Items

Cleaning products, air fresheners, dish soap, laundry detergent, personal care items, toilet paper, and garbage bags are just some of the common items that the average household uses every day. Individually purchased, most of them may seem affordable–after all, they’re common household items, right? In truth, the things that you use every day are the ones that can end up costing you big in the long run. If you take a closer look at the price-tags on these seemingly ordinary products, you’ll realize that they technically fall under the category of “little luxuries.” The prices aren’t as low as you think they are. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to save money on common household items–here are a few money-saving tips to help you.

Use Coupons

Coupons are a great way to save money on just about anything, and household items are no exception. You can find a treasure trove of coupons in the Sunday paper for starters, and by scouring the coupon inserts and sale fliers you’ll be amazed at what you can find. There’s also an endless list of coupon websites and online databases that feature coupons for almost anything you can think of. If you don’t have time to sit and browse the many coupons you can find online, simply do a search for specific products that you would like to find coupons for. Most coupon sites feature item searches by key word, brand, or category, allowing you to find the coupons you want quickly and efficiently.

Look for Items on Sale

If you aren’t attached to a particular brand, you can save a respectable amount of money by choosing items that are on sale. The next time you’re shopping, do some price comparisons to help you find the best deal on the products you need. Just remember: a lower price-tag doesn’t always mean it’s a better deal. Compare sizes and calculate what the cost of the product is per ounce–that will help you determine how good of a bargain you’re really getting.

Buy in Bulk

Buying common household items in bulk is an excellent way to get more for your money–and they’re the perfect items to buy a lot of because you don’t have to worry about them going bad or spoiling. Stock up when the prices are good–what’s discounted this week may not be the next, so get what you need when the price is right. Also, consider opting for the larger sizes of the products you use a lot of. The bigger bottle typically comes with a smaller price-tag, and it usually ends up being the better buy.

Choose Store Brands

Brand names gain the trust of consumers by building a solid reputation for quality products, and there’s definitely something to be said for that. On the flip side, just because a product is a generic store brand, it doesn’t mean it’s any less effective or that it’s of poor quality. In reality, most store brand items are comparable to their popular rivals–and if you look closely at the labels, the only difference you’re probably going to find is the one in price. If you’re not stuck on brand loyalty, choose the store brands. You’ll notice a substantial savings and you’ll still end up with quality products that get the job done.

Shop at Discount Stores

Whenever possible, buy household products at discount stores such as dollar stores and super centers. Laundry detergent, for example, might cost several dollars more if purchased at a small grocery store versus a large discount store. Due to their enormous size, discount centers are able to offer many of the things we use every day at the most affordable prices. Even if you have to drive a little further to shop at a discount store, you’ll usually find that the drive will be worth your savings.

Make Your Own

Making your own common household products is a fantastic way to save a lot of money–and if you know what you’re doing, your handmade items can be just as effective as the ones you purchase at the store. You can find recipes online for just about any type of cleaning product or personal care item imaginable, and most of them are easy to make and require minimal ingredients found right in your own kitchen or bathroom. You’ll save money by making your own items, and you might find a new hobby in the process as well.

As you can see, there are many ways to help you reduce the amount of money you spend on common household items. Find out firsthand by trying a few of these helpful suggestions–you might be surprised by how much you can actually save.

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