Index Funds: An analysis of the best funds to buy in the US and International over the past year

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The following analysis will thoroughly explore the top index funds you can buy for your diversified portfolio based upon percentage winners over the past year. Moreover, we will break down this analysis by looking at the best index funds in the United States (US), internationally (intl), bonds funds, balanced funds, and finally alternative index fund options. As you’ll see, bond funds faired the best over the past year as investors flocked to safer investments, while international funds didn’t take quite the hit US funds did. Keep in mind this information is only indicative of past performance, future performance maybe completely different.

The best American or US index funds:

Ticker Name 1 Year
total return
MIIFX Monteagle Informed Investor Growth 52.42
PFSAX Dryden Financial Svcs A 36.44
CTVAX Catalyst Value A 30.39
RBCGX Reynolds Blue Chip Growth 29.18
ICMAX Intrepid Small Cap 21.94
DLHIX Delaware Healthcare I 21.86
TILDX Tilson Dividend 20.78
BMCGX Apex Mid Cap Growth 18.90
NTRGX Nuveen Tradewinds Global Resources I 17.79
YAFFX Yacktman Focused 17.08
SSUAX Rydex/SGI Small Cap Value A 16.58
VCVLX Vanguard Capital Value 15.77
FSELX Fidelity Select Electronics 15.53
NVORX Nuveen Tradewinds Value Opportunities I 15.48
YACKX Yacktman 15.34
APPLX Appleseed 14.84
TEFQX Firsthand e-Commerce 14.44
FELAX Fidelity Advisor Electronics A 14.04
FBRFX FBR Large Cap Financial 13.17
BURFX Burnham Financial Industries A 12.44
PAVAX ING Value Choice A 12.24
IXSBX ING Index Plus LargeCap Equity IX B 12.23
POGSX Pin Oak Aggressive Stock 12.04
MNNAX Munder Internet A 12.03
PVOYX Putnam Voyager A 11.94
PRGTX T. Rowe Price Global Technology 11.88
WWWFX Kinetics Internet No Load 11.40
DSCVX Dreyfus Small Company Value 10.90
IBIIX ING Index Plus LargeCap Equity VIII B 10.54
FBRSX FBR Small Cap Financial 9.87
MYIFX Monetta Young Investor 9.06
FADTX Fidelity Advisor Technology A 7.66
CAMAX Cambiar Aggressive Value Investor 7.64
PARWX Parnassus Workplace 7.61
PDFDX Perkins Discovery 7.49
CPFSX Counterpoint Select 6.92
JAMFX Jacob Internet 6.70
RSFDX Royce Select II Invmt 6.51
TGSCX TCW Small Cap Growth I 6.49
SRIAX Gabelli SRI Green A 6.42
Group average of 9715 funds -13.10

The best international index funds include:

Ticker Name 1 Year
total return
DPCAX Dreyfus Greater China A 62.75
DEAAX Dreyfus Emerging Asia A 48.36
AACFX AIM China A 31.99
OBCHX Oberweis China Opportunities 31.98
OSMAX Oppenheimer International Small Co A 30.32
FEAAX Fidelity Advisor Emerging Asia A 26.51
ICHKX Guinness Atkinson China & Hong Kong 23.87
JGPAX JHancock Global Opportunities A 23.73
OMNAX Old Mutual China A 23.50
MCHFX Matthews China 21.62
ENCPX Encompass 21.10
FHKCX Fidelity China Region 20.83
IPOAX Ivy Pacific Opportunities A 20.59
DNEMX Dunham Emerging Markets Stock N 20.49
NWGAX Nuveen Tradewinds Global All-Cap A 20.19
PRASX T. Rowe Price New Asia 20.14
EVCGX Eaton Vance Greater China Growth A 19.88
IASMX Guinness Atkinson Asia Focus 19.88
NGCAX Columbia Greater China A 19.69
NAWGX ING Global Value Choice A 19.57
JEMAX JHT Emerging Markets Value NAV 19.34
TCWAX Templeton China World A 19.26
IFCAX ING Greater China A 19.18
JCHSX JPMorgan China Region Select 18.84
JEVNX JHFunds2 Emerging Markets Value NAV 17.89
HFEAX Henderson European Focus A 17.88
OAKWX Oakmark Global Select I 17.39
WWWEX Kinetics Global No Load 16.99
DFJSX DFA Japanese Small Company I 16.85
MAPTX Matthews Pacific Tiger 16.45
SPJSX Hennessy Select SPARX Japan Smaller Coms 16.42
DEMSX DFA Emerging Markets Small Cap I 15.86
GOPAX Aberdeen China Opportunities A 14.61
EVASX Eaton Vance Asian Small Companies A 14.61
WAIOX Wasatch International Opportunities 14.47
TEMMX Templeton Emerging Markets Small Cap A 14.32
ABEMX Aberdeen Emerging Markets Instl 13.97
JAEAX JPMorgan Asia Equity A 13.51
SFILX Schwab Fdmtl Intl Sm Mid Co Idx Instl 13.33
DRFMX Dreyfus Emerging Markets A 13.15
Group average of 3073 funds -4.26

The best bond funds include:

Ticker Name 1 Year
total return
DIBAX Dreyfus International Bond A 24.94
ODHYX Old Mutual Dwight High Yield Intl 21.68
IGBIX ING Global Bond I 20.73
ESICX Evergreen International Bond Instl 20.31
FRTRX Frontegra Columbus Core Plus 19.05
MYHIX MainStay 130/30 High Yield I 18.86
DEEAX Delaware Extended Duration Bond A 18.30
THOPX Thompson Plumb Bond 18.02
LSIYX Loomis Sayles International Bond Y 17.77
IFUNX Iron Strategic Income 17.48
LIFNX Laudus Mondrian Intl Fixed Income 17.32
PFUIX PIMCO Foreign Bond (Unhedged) I 17.20
TPINX Templeton Global Bond A 17.18
LCMAX Driehaus Active Income 16.83
TGEIX TCW Emerging Markets Income I 16.81
ISCPX ING SPorts International Fixed Income 16.38
PPSIX Principal Preferred Securities Inst 16.37
FTIIX Federated International Bond A 16.17
DPIFX Delaware Pooled International Fxd-Inc 15.93
SDGIX Dreyfus/Standish Global Fixed Income I 15.82
FFXIX Forward International Fixed Income Intl 15.64
OBIMX Old Mutual International Bond Instl 15.58
CLDAX Calvert Long Term Income 15.54
PCGLX UBS PACE Global Fixed-Income P 15.47
GTRAX Dryden Global Total Return A 15.45
TBOAX Templeton International Bond A 15.39
FRIGX Frontegra Columbus Core 15.26
PLRIX PIMCO Long Duration Total Return Instl 15.24
SDIFX Dreyfus/Standish International Fxd-Inc I 15.15
PGGIX Putnam Global Income A 14.97
DGCAX Delaware Corporate Bond A 14.94
GEDZX GuideStone Funds Extended-Dur Bond GS4 14.87
PPBAX PL Managed Bond A 14.86
EAIIX Eaton Vance International Income A 14.79
PIGIX PIMCO Investment Grade Corp Bd Instl 14.76
MMNSX MassMutual Premier International Bond S 14.67
DPGIX Delaware Pooled Global Fixed-Income 14.62
TGLMX TCW Total Return Bond I 14.59
TGCFX TCW Core Fixed-Income I 14.34
MSFIX Morgan Stanley Inst Long Dur Fix Inc I 14.26
Group average of 5758 funds 4.36

The best balanced funds include:

Ticker Name 1 Year
total return
INTLX Forester Discovery 24.48
SIRRX Sierra Core Retirement R 22.38
APIUX API Efficient Frontier Income A 21.14
SFHYX Direxion Spectrum Select Alternative Svc 17.16
MXIIX Fifth Third Strategic Inc Instl 15.93
BRUFX Bruce 11.41
CNWIX Calamos Evolving World Growth I 10.24
RNCOX RiverNorth Core Opportunity 9.51
BERIX Berwyn Income 9.50
DFIAX Delaware Conservative Allocation A 8.82
HSTRX Hussman Strategic Total Return 8.46
PRPFX Permanent Portfolio 8.05
MCFAX Miller Convertible A 8.03
SCCBX RidgeWorth Conservative Allc Strat B 6.46
JABLX Janus Aspen Balanced Instl 6.40
STWRX Wells Fargo Advantage DJ Target Today A 6.12
TGPCX TCW Conservative Allocation I 6.01
MLLAX MFS Lifetime Retirement Income A 5.92
JABAX Janus Balanced J 5.85
PAUIX PIMCO All Asset All Authority Inst 5.72
GBMFX GMO Benchmark-Free Allocation III 5.55
RESIX Russell 2027 Extended Distribution S 5.47
JSPCX Janus Smart Portfolio Conservative J 5.24
WICAX Waddell & Reed InvestEd Cnsrv A 5.03
URTNX USAA Target Retirement 2020 4.65
DGTSX DFA Global 25/75 I 4.53
DGPAX Dreyfus Global Absolute Return A 4.15
POACX PL Portfolio Optimization Conservative C 4.11
VGLSX VALIC Company I Global Strategy 4.08
DFBAX Delaware Moderate Allocation A 4.03
OTCDX Old Mutual 2011-2020 Conservative Instl 4.02
RADSX Russell 2017 Accelerated Distribution S 4.02
MALOX BlackRock Global Allocation I 3.90
AACNX AARP Conservative 3.88
OMCCX Old Mutual Asset Allocation Cnsrv C 3.87
MFSNX MFS Lifetime 2010 R2 3.83
CCVIX Calamos Convertible A 3.82
GFIYX GuideStone Funds Cnsrv Allocation I GS2 3.73
LMOAX Legg Mason Partners Eq Inc Bldr A 3.68
FTCIX Franklin Templeton Cnsrv Target A 3.63
Group average of 3528 funds -4.86

The best alternative funds include:

Ticker Name 1 Year
total return
TGLDX Tocqueville Gold 72.81
OCMGX OCM Gold 71.63
INIVX Van Eck Intl Investors Gold A 70.02
USAGX USAA Precious Metals and Minerals 69.06
FKRCX Franklin Gold and Precious Metals A 68.78
FSAGX Fidelity Select Gold 66.78
BGEIX American Century Global Gold Inv 65.48
EKWBX Evergreen Precious Metals B 64.44
SGGDX First Eagle Gold A 62.87
INPMX RiverSource Precious Metals & Mining A 56.88
OPGSX Oppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals A 53.19
FGLDX AIM Gold & Precious Metals Inv 51.92
RYPMX Rydex Precious Metals Inv 51.08
SCGDX DWS Gold & Precious Metals S 46.57
UNWPX U.S. Global Investors Wld Prec Minerals 44.49
USERX U.S. Global Investors Gold and Prec Mtls 43.31
BPLSX Robeco Long/Short Eq I 34.51
PMPIX ProFunds Precious Metals UltraSector Inv 33.67
MIDSX Midas 24.74
FLSRX Forward Long/Short Credit Analysis Inv 18.22
PFATX PIMCO Fundamental Advtg Total Ret Instl 15.78
PSTIX PIMCO StocksPLUS TR Short Strat Instl 15.66
KCMTX KCM Macro Trends R-1 12.36
JPMNX JPMorgan Market Neutral Instl 12.20
MERKX Merk Hard Currency Inv 10.83
TFSMX TFS Market Neutral 8.92
AARFX Akros Absolute Return 7.61
DXDDX Direxion Dollar Bear 2.5X Inv 7.48
IQHOX IQ Alpha Hedge Strategy Inv 7.48
BEARX Federated Prudent Bear 7.26
RYWBX Rydex Weakening Dollar 2x Strategy H 6.77
DRCVX Comstock Capital Value A 6.59
ARBFX Arbitrage R 6.42
ICPHX Franklin Templeton Hard Currency A 6.14
EMNAX Virtus Market Neutral A 6.12
DXCTX Direxion Commodity Trends Strat Inv 5.88
RYMFX Rydex/SGI Managed Futures Strategy H 5.08
MFLDX Marketfield 4.76
HEOAX Highland Long/Short Equity A 4.58
Group average of 383 funds 2.99

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