Investing pre-tax compared to saving is much better!

So many people choose to save money on their own instead of investing in a 401k, IRA, Roth IRA, 403b, 457b, or whatever other investment plan they would choose, it is silly. I’ve heard person after person say “I can’t afford to invest in my 401k, I just don’t have the money to do it, I have living expenses you know, I would rather just save on my own.” When I tell them they could actually end up with more money in their pocket by investing compared to saving, most don’t believe me, but they should. Let me show you an example from my first lesson, that will prove that you can and will increase your net pay if you invest compared to saving on your own.

Below, I will talk about two brothers, one whom chooses not to invest through his 401k plan, rather into savings after he gets his paycheck – and the other whom knows he will have more money than his brother at the end of the day by investing pre-tax:

Billy Bob makes $30,000 a year, but invests no money, rather he saves about $1,500 a year from his paychecks. His taxable income would be $30,000. Let’s say his tax rate is 25%. He would pay about $7,500 in taxes, and his take home pay for the year would be $22,500 (30,000 X .25 = 7,500 and 30,000 – 7,500 = 22,500). Billy Bob then puts aside 1,500 in savings, for a net of $21,000 for living expenses at the end of the year.

Freddy, Billy Bob’s brother, makes the same amount of $30,000 per year, however, Freddy participates in his companies’ 401k plan, and he contributes 5% of his wages to be invested. So, Freddy’s taxable income would be $30,000 less 5% or $1,500 (30,000 x.05 = 1,500 and 30,000 – 1,500 = 28,500) or $28,500. Taxed at the same 25%, Freddy would pay $7,125 in taxes (28,500 X .25 = 7,125). Freddy’s net pay for the year after investing would be $21,375.

The two brothers would have both set aside the same amount, however, Freddy would actually have $375 more in his pocket at the end of the year than Billy Bob (not to mention whatever amount his company matched in addition to what he invested! Billy Bob thought he was doing fine saving on his own, but actually he was hurting himself!

Do you believe me now? It truly pays to invest, especially when your company matches what you put in for FREE!

Now, some are still wondering or swearing at me: “What about the taxes on the 401k investments?” Yes, it is true you will have to pay these taxes some day. The above example shows the man chose to have his money deducted from his pay and invested pre-tax (in other words, the IRS will allow you the option, pay taxes now or later). The key here is, you would rather pay taxes later when your income is much lower (as it is when you retire), because you will be in a much lower tax bracket by then. Not to mention – you get the benefit of having all of those dollars you invested making you money instead of making the government money.

Not to mention, there is the potential that by investing you would even lower the tax bracket you are in, according to your taxable income, further raising your take home pay.

Now you see the benefits of investing, check out all of my lessons and articles for help in making sense of setting up your investments and help in selecting what investments are best for you.

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    My fault in posting a paid article and not editing it or reviewing it first, I will make certain I do this next time as to not post garbage anymore. This post is now correct. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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    I forgot to thank Greg for pointing out the previous error. Thanks!

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