Make saving money fun, like a game

money-bags-gameToo many people think being frugal is no fun, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make being frugal fun and enjoyable by taking the time to retrain your brain and see the upside in not spending frivolously, and the rewards that come from waiting.

Instead of thinking I must have that new TV or new car, think, If I can just hold off for a while longer, I will be way better off. By saving up and paying cash for large purchases, you will avoid the ridiculous interest charges and actually make money on the money you’ve saved.

Instead of setting a weekly budget of say $25 for lunch during the work week, ask yourself if you can make your own at home for the entire week for $10 or less. Make it a game you play with yourself or your family, to see who can save the most money while getting the most out of what you need. You can do the same for breakfast and dinner. How good can we eat for the least amount of money? Figure out what you want to eat for the week and set out to find the best deals on those products. Take the difference in what you would have spent and throw it in a piggy bank for a month. You will be surprised to see you can have fun while saving hundreds!

Get the kids involved too, it well help teach them that being frugal can be fun. Decide on a reward for yourself or your family and sock the rest away in the bank or invest it. Make goals for saving X amount of dollars, and the reward that goes along with meeting a certain goal. Take the grocery example, say your plan is to reduce your food bill by $300, if you reach your goal, you get to take half of it and spend it however you want. Maybe you only save $200, but still there is the reward and you’re better off in the long run.

Consider other areas of your life in which you overspend, and make a similar plan. You will soon grow to be thrilled when you find excellent deals, because you know you’re doing the best you can and saving a bunch of money.

Create a competition between you and your spouse. Give a bonus award to the winner. You will learn from each other. Involve the kids too if you have them. Maybe you give them an allowance, offer perks for them saving money – like an extra few bucks if they save a certain amount of money.

Being frugal can be fun if you approach it with the right attitude and rewards structure, it’s really up to you. When you move away from materialism, the little things seems to be so much more meaningful. Not to mention, the healthier foods seem to be less costly! Good luck!

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  1. This is the way I stay frugal, by making it a game. Instead of griping how I can’t overspend at the grocery store… I tell my self I have X amount of dollars, lets see how good my sales-meal planning skills are and if I can make it under my mark.

    It’s all in the attitude!

  2. FinanceDad says:

    Thanks for the comment and retweet!

  3. rmyr says:

    I agree! I find being frugal very fun. I am trying to trim $50 out of our grocery budget. So, I think of looking through fliers and clipping coupons as a game. I actually enjoy it, but I didn’t always. It used to seem like a complete waste of time, but I gave myself an attitude adjustment. We’re saving money, and I’m enjoying myself at the same time!

  4. FinanceDad says:

    You’ve got it! It’s good to see others finding joy in frugality too! Thanks for the comment!

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