Morningstar is an excellent investment tool

morningstarMorningstar has all the tools to help you better analyze your investments.

To sign up with the Morningstar service is to plug into huge amounts of investment information. Morningstar also offers a large number of financial tools to help individual and institutional investors to make better (more profitable) financial decisions. If you have ever visited the website you were probably looking for details on a company such as its stock price history or what the analysts’ are saying about stocks. The Morningstar facts are very accurate, ‘up to the minute’ and comprehensive. The Morningstar opinions are based on stock price graphs, income statements, balance sheets, statements of cash flow, earnings estimates, insider information, and everything relevant to money matters.

Signing up to Morningstar will help you in getting information relevant to your individual investment decisions. A personal portfolio with means getting timely daily notifications of current prices and stock price movements that can be significant trading signals. Any job requires the right tools for successful completion. When the job is making money from investments the best tool is Morningstar. For example; if you want to add to your portfolio with company shares in stocks that have high growth potential (and what investor doesn’t?) as indicated by price to earnings ratios of less than 10 or a specific market capitalisation, then your personal Morningstar stock selector tool can deliver a hot list of potential stocks that meet these criteria.

For the amateur investor, Morningstar is an invaluable source of advice. So, if you are looking to tune up your 401k retirement fund with promising stocks then you can let your Morningstar membership pay for itself with recommendations from the insiders and professionals. But don’t just take advice blindly, make use of the ‘University’ section to answer all of your financial questions. When the answer isn’t readily available you can “Ask the Professor” and get an e-mail response from the people at

Most of the Morningstar tools are free once you register with the website. However, there is a second, more privileged level of membership that you can pay for. If you are serious about investing then membership will give you full access to all of the information available at Morningstar. This membership is called platinum and there is currently a 14 day free trial period that promises a ‘portfolio X-ray’, independent analysts research and tips for the markets today. The paid Morningstar membership, lets you in on in-depth information and analysis from the team around your personal portfolio. It will help you find stock opportunities and special advice to highlight the analysts’ hot tips in both stocks and funds.

Morningstar Stock Fund Investment Research is a well- organized site that’s easy to navigate around, making sure you find the company information that you need. It is one of the financial web services that is one of the most frequently used. I like the relevance of the data and I like the way that Morningstar keep the information updating constantly. All financial web services are satisfactory for getting stock quotes, but the earnings and financial statement data should come with a ‘use by date’. Some services take four weeks or more to update company numbers when new earnings are announced. Morningstar are always there on the day.

Because of this free trial period offer, now is the time to join Morningstar to get a time-line view of your investments. So you can learn from your past mistakes on how you lost money with an exhaustive analysts report on your trades in stocks and funds. Or how you made money on your current holdings. Especially useful is how your trades lagged behind or outperformed comparable stocks and funds.

Using ‘stock intersection’ and ‘X-Ray’ tools Morningstar will assess your present time exposure to risks in geographical regions, stock sectors, and individual equities. This analysis will highlight unnoticed concentrations, gaps, and any duplications that you didn’t know were there. You will get to know how much you really own.

Your future portfolio performance will then be based on professional insights into your past performance and guided by professional advice on individual stock and fund prospects.

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