Online Brokerage Companies: An Anaylsis of the best brokers to invest with


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Online brokerage companies are a dime a dozen. So who should you choose to work with? The following analysis will answer multiple questions you may have and provide you some direction.

The various questions this article will address include. What options are there as far as an online brokerage firm is concerned. Who is the best online brokerage or best broker online for your money? For those whom know more about and investing and wish to do most things on their own, we’ll discuss which online brokerages offer more than they likely need, and help them find the best online discount brokerage. Like we mentioned above online stock brokerage companies come in every size, and offer many different levels of service with regards to their managing your online brokerage account.

Online brokerage firms certainly are abundant these days, it seems as if a new one pops up every other day. As far as options are concerned, below is our list of the best online brokerage companies today.

  • Scottrade
  • Ameritrade
  • Firstrade
  • Fidelity
  • FolioInvesting
  • Schwab
  • Forex
  • Interactive Brokers
  • Sharebuilder
  • TD Ameritrade
  • Lightspeed
  • Marsco
  • Thinkorswim
  • Tradeking
  • Tradestation
  • OptionsXpress
  • Zecco

For those in need of a more full service oriented online trading brokerage company, that will walk you through the process from beginning to end, we would recommend the online brokerage services offered by one of the larger – full service online brokerage companies mentioned above like Fidelity or E*Trade.

Now, many investors are already familiar with the companies out thereĀ  – but they want to know who is the least expensive: The truth is, the amount of money you will be investing may determine with whom you can invest. Some of the companies listed will not allow you to open an account with less than $5,000 or in some cases you will need $50000 or more to start and open online brokerage accounts with them. Moreover, several of the companies like Sharebuilder offer no account minimums whatsoever.

So who is the best online brokerage or best broker online for your money you’re asking? To provide you the best answer we will show you our criteria for calling someone the best; The best is not always the biggest, the prettiest, nor the most well-known. The best is the best because they’re perceived by customers as willing to go the extra mile to please them. Like a good waiter, they’re not over burdening, but they’re there when you need their assistance. We look at the best online brokerage company like many would evaluate food, it needs to taste good, be reasonably priced and the service experience needs to be worth the money. Having said that, our favorite online brokerage companiesĀ  include , Schwab, and Interactive Brokers because they all provide the best bang for the buck. You will find our ratings fall in line with JD power ratings, Kiplingers, SmartMoney, and several other consumer rating companies.

Here is an older but still current online brokerage comparison we completed they may help you determine how to dwindle down that list of potential companies.

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