Personal Accident Claim: 5 Money Saving Tips

Personal accidents are always a nuisance, especially for a working parent. Most of toiling fathers and mothers out there have seen this worst case scenario play out in their head: they trip and fall, lose their job, have to pull kids out of the cool school, and so on down the line. Yes, personal injury can be frightening, but if you make a personal accident compensation claim with the right solicitors, you can actually win, not lose. Read on for the 5 tips of turning an unfortunate accident into a financial opportunity:

  1. Choose a company offering NO WIN – NO FEE policies. This means if you don’t get your compensation, you get your money back, which isn’t just a financial guarantee but also a great motive for the solicitors to pull out all the stops to do right by you.
  2. Get a free consultation. Choose a company that offers free consultations prior to signing any deals with them. This way you get expert advice on your situation and can see what you can expect at the end of the battle.
  3. Go straight to solicitors bypassing the greedy third parties. When a personal injury occurs there are plenty of eager but unnecessary advisers involved: insurance companies, insurance brokers, repairing garages and claims companies. You will save money by skipping their services and making your claim directly with experienced solicitors.
  4. Check how much you can earn using an easy accident claim calculator. The tool works by clicking on the part of body that has been injured to see the possible amounts of compensation.
  5. Choose specialist solicitors who deal with personal injury only and have your success rate shoot up automatically.


Since 2000 the number of personal accident claims has been increasing in the UK. In a recent case, Dennis Ball from Beeston, Nottinghamshire, was awarded 73,890 pounds compensation for developing cancer while being exposed to asbestos fibres as a miner.

Hopefully, personal accidents pass you by; but if it happens follow the five tips above to get a fast 100% guaranteed personal injury compensation and you won’t need to worry about the future of your kids.



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