PlayStation3 Outage May Compromise Credit Card Data

SONY might be adding PlayStation3 (PS3) users’ credit card information to the long list of personal information that was comprised after their online service was hacked last Wednesday. A week later the PS3 network is still down and apparently 77 million user accounts have been compromised. Initially, SONY said the network would be up and running again within a few days. But in their most recent blog update, they are now aiming for next Wednesday. This could be costing SONY $24 billion in lost revenue. Although SONY is working to rebuild and strengthen the company’s network, they have been oddly silent about this matter.

PS3 Network Outage

The PS3 network has been down for over a week now after million of players’ personal and account information was compromised, including player names, addresses, birth dates, email addresses and login information. According to the Associated Press, Sony says this list could possibly also include credit card information. The network is internet-based and allows players from all around the world to connect and play video games together. SONY charges players’ credit cards on a monthly, yearly or semi-yearly basis for membership.

Credit Card Security

SONY is reportedly working day and night to get their network back up and running. They’ve even hired an outside security firm to investigate the incident. But when a security breach of this magnitude occurs, it makes you wonder if a company is doing all they should in order to protect customers’ personal information. For instance, the Payment Credit Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a standard in the industry aimed at preventing credit card fraud and identity theft. This comes into play for companies that deal with credit card data of branded credit card companies. They must uphold a certain level of security and pass an assessment on an annual basis. Certainly SONY will be taking steps to better protect their customers if they ever gain control over their network again.

Plan of Action

It might be a smart idea for any PS3 network user to contact their credit card company and investigate if any fraudulent charges have been made. Also, canceling the credit card will ensure that any thief cannot use the credit card data in the future. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Also, this ensures that the cardholder will not be responsible for any phony charges made after they report their card may have been comprised. The cardholder should also send an email confirming the fraud report and cancellation of the card. With so many credit card offers popping up, this is a better time than ever to shop around for a new one.

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