Recession minded Holiday gifts; 6 Gifts that provoke thought and self-sustainability

This was going to be a serious post, until I decided that I haven’t written anything too positive in some time. With all the early Black Friday specials coming to a mall near you, you may want to rethink your purchasing plans and give something that will help in the years to come if we do see this “impending 2nd great depression.”

The following is a starting point of those things you should consider getting your kids or family members, instead of the same old crap gifts or toys that end up in the trash or regifted just weeks after Christmas or the Holidays:

1. Give ’em that, that funk.

What could be better than teaching your kids how to start their own garden. When the going get’s tough, your kids can avoid the depressing soup lines and help feed their friends with a garden of their own. Hell, if worse comes to worse, your kids can grow some funky dope and barter it for something useful. Otherwise, they can eat their veggies and you can get high with them.

2. Force ’em to save for a rainy day!

Be the latest to save for a darker day with the latest round of T-Bills flying off the government presses. Be happy in knowing you are supporting this global war on terrors and your ROI will surely be less than the rate of inflation and losses in the other investment markets. Either this, or teach them the ropes of Credit default swap markets. Worse case scenario, they will make for great kindle when it gets cold during the winter.

3. A new gun or knife

The kids will get a real kick out of this one. Combine some hunting practice with a professional instructor and your kin will be hunting down squirrels for dinner in no-time. Just think, they can learn to become one with nature and help ensure they get all the red meat they can eat when the rationing begins. Not to mention, they can protect themselves from terrorists!

4. Membership to a local Sam’s or Costco and a gift card to stock up on canned goods.

Just because you got them a book and some guns doesn’t mean they’ll be ready if something goes down sooner. Make certain they have a steady supply in the basement that could take them through an impoverished year or two. You would be surprised to learn how long some of those canned goods will last. Hey – don’t forget a can-opener.

5. Medication in case of infections

You think it’s hard getting into the doc with that HMO now, just wait. Now, this maybe a trickier gift to get your hands on, however, with persistence, similar to obtaining a wii last year – you can do it. Now, you may have to give a little more than you would otherwise, like contracting some infectious diseases to obtain prescriptions now-  but it will be worth it in the long run to save your legacy.

6. A garden hose, or ho’s

Siphoning and scouring for fuel will be essential to their well-being. Teach them now, or buy some sort of prepaid ho service to get their motors running.

Well, we would rather not belabor you with redundancy, as we think this is a good list for starters. Let us know what you think and if there are any other items that we should add to our essential list. Thanks!

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