Save money by staying home and gambling online

When I head out to the casino I have a game plan in mind and bring only the cash I can afford to lose with me. Moreover, I’ve always looked at gambling as a form of entertainment, not income. And so, if I win great, and if I lose no big deal. I probably would have wasted money on expensive drinks somewhere else and not had half the fun anyway. The way to approach gambling is to expect to lose, and be happy when you do hit it big. I remember a few years back getting ready to leave the casino and all I had was about 5 bucks left in my pocket, I dropped it in to a slot machine, placed the max bet and ended up hitting $500. That was pretty exciting considering my friend that was with me told me to save the $5. It was a measly $5 to me, but it was sure nice walking out with a wad of cash. But that just goes to speak for my attitude in approaching gambling, I expected to lose the money but when I hit – I jumped up and left right away, and I was really happy.

However, from time to time you may want to gamble but not spend the money to drive to the casino to gamble and pay for drinks, and then worry about drinking and driving back home. One simple way to avoid that is to take advantage of the online world of casinos.

The internet age is upon as, allowing us to lounge around in the comfort of our own home, in our undees if we want, sipping drinks as stiff as we want them, while playing online slots or many other games like poker and such. While US residents can unfortunately not participate, most every other country around the world allows you to do what you want. In theory, by staying home you can save a bunch of money and avoid potential trouble with the law, all while doing what you want.

Remember my advice though, set aside what you’re willing to lose, and stop when it’s gone. Also, determine a winning amount that you will stand up and keep and stop gambling. If you bring $100, maybe you will stop if you double or triple your money. If you have no end in sight, chances are you will throw all your winnings back to the casino. If you have a gambling problem, get help! Gambling should only be another form of entertainment! Good luck!

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