Save money on contact lenses, color contacts too

I’m always on the lookout to save my readers money and wanted to point out a great place to find contact lenses at the best prices around.They even have cool colored contacts too.What I like about 1-800 Contacts is that they are the worlds largest contact lens provider. What does this mean to you? Similar to a Walmart, they are a high volume, low cost operation. They don’t make their money by charging exhorbitant prices, rather the opposite is true. They focus on servicing the most people possible and at the lowest prices. Not to mention, they’ve got by far the largest selection around.

Have you ever seen those cool colored contacts? I’ve seen people with neon green one’s and friends whom are normally brown eyed transformed into a blue eyed person. Kinda freaky I know. One of my cousins wears some very colorful contacts at Halloween that get a great reaction out of people. They’ve got them too and they’re extremely low cost. You can check out those color contacts here –

They carry all the major brands such as Acuvue by Johnson and Johnson, freshlook, dailies, and many many more.

What’s more you’re asking? 1-800 Contacts has a promise that they will beat any price around. Now that’s Frugal. Here’s a link to their homepage homepage – It makes sense to compare, but if a company is offering a price guarantee they’re certainly worth checking out. Certainly do your due diligence and shop the competition and put them to the test. They’ve been around for nearly 20 years and have great customer service. Go check out there testimonials if you don’t believe me. They are not happy until you are happy.

Lastly, they are currently offering free shipping on web based orders over $50 so you can stock up and save even more.So, if you’re trying to save money on contacts, you would be foolish not to check out the excellent deals over at 1-800 Contacts.



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