Save money shopping with these price comparison apps

With a smartphone in hand, there is nothing you cannot do! Bargain hunting and comparing prices for products that you need to shop for is easier now than ever before. You can do it all without even stepping out of the warmth and comfort of your home. If you are out shopping but don’t know where to go to get the lowest price, there are a numbers of apps that you can use to get the right answer. Apps can help you take all the headache out of shopping. When you walk into a store, you can now ensure that you walk out with the best deal possible.

Smart Shopping Apps

While there are many apps available irrespective of what phone you are using, there are a few that stand out amongst the crowd. Users have rated these apps as the top bargain seekers and hot deal finders. Shop smart and make the right choice with the help of these apps!

ShopSavvy is a free app for all iPhone and Android users. You can simply use it to scan the barcode of the product that you wish to shop for and instantly compare prices over a vast range of 20,000+ retailers all over the country. You will also have the feasibility of reading reviews that other users have dished out so that you make the best and most informed choice.

Another free app is Where to Shop. All iPhone and mobile browsing users can avail this app to compare prices and rates over 500,000 online stores. You have a vast 400 million products that you can compare prices for. This one also includes about 300,000 brick-and-mortar store locations for you to browse through and find the one that most suits your needs and that too, at the lowest price. You will never have to let go of a bargain.

RedLaser is a great app that allows you to compare prices of products using GoogleProducts and TheFind database. This is a paid app for iPhone users but is available at a low $1.99 that will be well spent. The app is similar in nature to ShopSavvy and relies on scanning of the barcodes of the products you desire.

Amazon is a far reaching app that extends its free use to Blackberry, iPhone as well as Android users. It ensures that you have the whole list of millions of products available at to shop from after comparing the lowest prices that sellers offer.

Free for iPhone users, TheFind is an app that allows you to compare online prices to find the best deal as well as lets you figure out which store in a nearby location has the products that you want to shop for available and ready to take home.

Make Life Simpler & Bargain Finding Easier

These apps only make life simpler and since most of them are available free of cost there is no harm in giving it a try. You will find yourself empowered with these apps and the next best deal will never be too difficult to get to.

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