Secrets to get your college textbooks for free

Info you can use:

Per a College instructor and some other academics on getting books for free:

If you’re broke and can hardly afford the required text for the class, you can always email the instructor ahead of time to find out alternate options:

  • Maybe an older edition, oftentimes at a much lower rate, works just fine.
  • Maybe a copy of the book(s) will be put on reserve in the campus library.
  • Better yet, you never know: the teacher might have spare copies you can borrow (I’ve loaned out a spare more than once).
  • Check out, Academic books in all disciplines, often e-book editions in .pdf. Even better is Library Genesis (google it). No sign-up required. Plus it looks much better and easier to use. It has about 340,000 textbooks.

    Here’s the best trick to getting the correct textbook for free. I worked in a library for 4 years at the reference desk and I only shared this secret with a select few: Order your textbook through interlibrary loan. Other schools, like NYU to Chico State, probably have your textbook but aren’t using it that quarter/semester (different professors often use different texts, or the class isn’t being taught right then). So the textbook you need, even 2011 editions, are at some school just sitting on the shelves doing nothing. Saved me thousands.

    Found this nifty info on a thread on reddit

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