Stock or a share in a company is the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or any day has the perfect gift for any occasion. What a great idea stock certificates are! lets you buy a single share of stock from one of numerous notable and iconic companies such as Disney, Harley Davidson, Coca Cola, Anheuser Busch, or most any other company you could think of. And yes, it’s real stock with real value.

A pal of mine wrote the following about his gift to his son. “My son is newly married, in a new house and he and his wife have decorated their new kitchen with a red and white “Coca Cola” theme. My son has placed with pride the Coca Cola stock certificate that I gave them on the wall. It is beautifully mounted in a lovely frame that I chose from the website. The share certificate in it, is of course from Coca Cola. It is a real conversation piece and valuable in three distinct ways. Firstly, it is a nice decorative piece for his household and themed kitchen. When they decide to redecorate the kitchen they can remove the stock certificate and cash it in or hold it elsewhere, then put something else in the frame according to the next theme.”

He continues on, “the second way in which their Coca Cola stock certificate is of value is in the way it will potentially appreciate in value along with the fortunes of their favorite company. The prices of the stocks offered by OneShare vary with the market and you can locate the stock price at any time by simply checking google finance or yahoo finance, they also tend to be on the oneshare website. So I bought the Coca Cola share at the bottom of the market and it’s poised to rebound and double or triple in value over the next year or more. At least everyone was saying it was the bottom of the stock market crash in spring 2009. Certainly the face value was around 30% below the Coca Cola all-time peak. As I write this in October 2009 the stock has appreciated by 10% over the purchase price. is also offering a feature stock and that just happens to be Coca Cola so it could still be a bargain if I were to buy it today.

The third way in which my son’s Coca Cola stock certificate is of value is educationally. I’m always telling him to think about the future and his retirement. So every time he looks at his Coke certificate, he is put in mind of stocks and investments and hopefully it will nudge him into reviewing his 401k retirement plan. It will also remind him to keep a weather eye on the stock market ups and downs.”

My friend Dennis commented on the ordering process too: “The order process could not be easier. There is no messing around with stockbrokers. I knew instantly that I wanted Coca Cola so I then had to pick out the frame. It is optional then to add up to four lines of dedicated text that goes on a small plaque on the frame. There is no extra charge for this so be sure to think about your dedication and use up all four lines. You can opt to have the engraved plaque eliminated from your order, which will reduce the price of the frame. Once you have chosen all these items you click on to the checkout process and provide all the standard information about delivery address of the person to get the stock as well as their information. If you do not want to give this information, the company issuing the stock will contact them.

Filling out the remainder of the order takes just a few minutes. This is where you give your information, pay for it and confirm all the pages. ”

Dennis couldn’t have been happier with the customer service and product he received, and his son and daughter in law were equally thrilled. I appreciate Dennis taking the time to tell me about this company and this awesome gift idea that is truly unique and thought provoking.

A good tip is to double check all the information as well as the gift announcement portion of the order. This will be the first thing that the recipient of your gift will see so you want everything to be perfect. You can choose to have the gift announcement sent email or snail mail, both are free, or for an additional charge you can have it sent Express Mail.

Some of the other companies available through are Krispy Kreme, McDonald’s, Apple, Tiffany’s, Ford, Playboy, Callaway for the golf lover, and the list goes on and on. isn’t all about the investment potential, it’s more about the gift, the educational value and it’s a fun introduction to the world of stocks. It makes sense to teach your kids early on the value of investing, not to mention, being a parent like me, you see how much of a waste spending money on toys can be, they’re broken within days and they already have too man of them. You should take a look now and make the next gift you give the best gift ever. Get over now and visit

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