Teach your kids how to manage credit with a prepaid credit card

creditcards-main_Full“My daughter hates me. Well that’s how it seems most of the time these days. She is 18, just off to college and totally rejecting of all my good fatherly advise. She is beautiful and bright as a button but refuses to make a budget and to stop spending any money that comes within her reach. I’ve solved all my daughter-money problems with a Vision Premier Prepaid Visa card.”

Ding, Ding Ding: Now entering the ring: Vision Premier Prepaid Visa, the answer for fathers and mothers trying to teach their children credit card responsibility.

Get a Prepaid Visa Card – No credit check. Quick approval. Shop online, pay bills, use ATMs

Thank heavens that she came of age just at the same time as these relatively newish, prepaid cards. I would be in serious trouble without it and so I bet would most other fathers and mothers of college aged kids attempting to teach their children how to manage their credit. The Vision Premier Prepaid Visa card looks just like a real credit card but is an improvement on those ‘prepaid gift cards’ that so many stores have had for a while. Prepaid payment cards are the reins for headstrong girls and guys and the answer to parents’ prayers. They might not like it, but dads and moms everywhere rejoice.

Visa Prepaid Card

You see, you can send them a monthly cash allowance on the same day each month, because the Vision Premier Prepaid Visa card is linked to your Internet bank if you so choose. A prepaid card is a payment card that can be topped up with my money by you or even someone else. No money orders or Western Union hassle and no dangerous cash carrying for your child. They can use it to pay their bills and even buy CDs and stuff online. Best of all is that it won’t let her spend more than their prepaid allowance, so no potential credit card problems. They have to budget their money or go without when there is too much month left and the money runs out.

Certainly it’s only a phase, but they can maintain the social acceptance factor of their peers by having their own “credit card”. So, score some points there because the Vision Premier Prepaid card looks just like a normal credit or debit card. Its got the works, with a card number, signature strip and company logos. But it just isn’t a credit card and there is no line of credit. There is also no debt to be had from an overdraft facility as she could get with a normal debit card. They simply cannot borrow money with a prepaid card – they can only spend the money that is loaded onto it. She won’t lose face and you won’t lose cash when they hand their card over to the cashier at the till or reads out the card details over the phone. The can even use their Vision Premier Prepaid Visa card to pay for downloaded music on the Internet. In fact, their card will be accepted anywhere Visa is accepted, which is just about everywhere.

When they use their prepaid card, the cash is instantly taken from the sum loaded onto the card, rather than from a line of credit from a bank or finance company. As long as they control their spending and have money available, they can continue to use their prepaid card to buy whatever they need. Upon arrival of the card, they will need to activate the card by following the instructions from the card provider. You reload the card when you want to, each month with an on-line transfer. You could do this at the bank if you prefer, safely and securely. The real beauty of the Vision Premier Prepaid Visa card is that there’s no danger of your son or daughter going overdrawn and straying unknowingly into debt. Once again, once the money you load onto the card has been spent, they can’t spend any more until you or they reload it.

Many parents wish the Vision Premier Prepaid Visa card could bring back their loving little girl or son once more, but it can’t. What it will do however, is make them manage their money without having to acknowledge the wisdom of your advise while keeping them financially secure.

You should seriously consider the fact that most kids have never managed money on their one, especially credit cards. Most college kids get themselves into credit trouble because they see themselves spending credit, not cash. This card will help them tremendously while preventing them from doing something that will hurt their credit for 7-10 years. You could call it a trial period, before they take the big leap and responsibility a true credit card requires.

Get a Prepaid Visa Card – No credit check. Quick approval. Shop online, pay bills, use ATMs

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