The Elite Visa Black Card Review

The Visa Black Card

What makes Barclay’s Visa Black Card superior to it’s major rival, the American Express Centurion card? For starters, the Visa Black Card is incredibly strong since it’s made out of carbon graphite. It will take any amount of spend swiping without showing the the wear and tear and it also has the premium advantages of a luxury credit card such as Priority Pass. The Visa Black Card is marketed at just the top 1% of Americas’ super-rich individuals, but precisely who, is not altogether obvious.

Limited to 1% of U.S. Residents to ensure the highest caliber of personal service. Apply Now!

So, if you routinely spend tens of thousands of dollars each month and tire of having to hold a stock of plastic, you can now do it with the indestructible Black card. For the vast majority of us mere mortals, credit cards are a path to debt and stress, but if you are blessed enough to have consumer spending as your principal life purpose the Visa Black Card is a must for you. The ultra rich consumers across America must have the carbon card that is elegantly extravagantly ebony, and not your everyday plastic.

But what gets you through the gate into the promised land of the Visa Black Card? How good is your credit score?

If you want to have a Visa Black Card you don’t just have to have a good score you have to have a perfect one. The better the normal American’s FICO score rating the better would be your credit card conditions with good payment options and low interest loans. But a perfect score on spending of over $50,000 per year means you are in the elite 1 in a 100 of the population. If you repay your credit card minimum payment every month on time forever then you are the target user of the Visa Black Card. Don’t even bother thinking of applying for this luxury card without first checking you credit report to make sure you have the beacon financial history that opens the gates to the Black Card.

The deal you would get with the Visa Black Card is an introductory zero balance transfer for 6 months, which is pretty standard on quite a few credit cards so naturally just the starting point for this one. There is also 1% cash back on purchases or $1 for 1 point of travel reward that can be redeemed at any time. Again this is fairly standard for credit cards but the cash back sums would be that much greater for the mega spender. But if you’ve got that much would cash back be a factor in your credit card choice? Probably not and more important would be the unique luxury factor. Add in a 24-7 concierge service program and a specially designed ‘exclusive rewards program’ and you can begin to see why the super-rich might think about this card. Luxury gifts will come as standard with the Visa Black Card but remember that the patent is pending for your unique card too. All of this can be yours for the small change annual fee of $495. On the mundane side you do need to be resident in the US and have a social security number.

If you have to ask you probably aren’t one of the 1% elite but the APR is ‘prime’ plus 9.99% while cash advances are charged, at this time, at 19.99% or 15.99% above prime. Is there something exclusive about two decimal places as opposed to the common round figures?

Barclays doesn’t explicitly say so, but their Visa Black Card is not for everyday purchases in the friendly neighborhood grocery store. These special credit consumers have hardly felt the brunt the credit crunch or the stock market recession. These credit consumers have class style and a total dependency on luxury big spending no matter what the rest of the World is feeling. The Barclay Company behind the Black Visa Card is saying that to be included is the only thing that matters. They are totally focused on catering to the desires of a very few ultra rich persons whose expenses are equal to thousands of the more ordinary folks.

So what can the Visa Black card holders expect, provided of course they have the ‘where-with-all’ to get a card and pay the annual fee? Well there are many many benefits waiting for them. The unlimited concierge service is said to be like having your own ‘genii’ in lamp. They have reached the top of the economic food chain in the richest country in the World and really nothing less will do. So if you had earned a Visa Black Card what would you go for? A custom built ocean going yacht? Your own tropical island paradise or the top penthouse suite in the top hotel in any city of the World. The concierge service is there for you to challenge and to be the genuine alternative to American Express.

Receive Luxury Gifts as an Exclusive Member. Apply Now!

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7 Comment

  1. QFB says:

    The Visa really can’t compete though. It doesn’t have the airline elite benefits, it doesn’t have as strong a rewards program… The priority pass isn’t the same as having access to the American Airlines, Continental or Delta lounges… After all, its even named after the nickname of the Amex! Pretty much this is just a competitor for the Platinum that has a black look and will confuse people who don’t know any better. Just my $.02!

  2. FinanceDad says:

    Thanks for the feedback, good points!

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  4. Ann says:

    I am a freshman in high school and my parents want to get me this “exclusive” card, but I disagree. I’m not sure I want the responsibility for a card so “elite” as this… I’ve been looking at it for a while, and well I’m just not sure they are making the right decision. Please help me with this, are they right? Or, am I?

  5. Ann, it all depends on your spending and the associated perks you are willing to pay for. This card is called the “Elite Visa Black” for a reason, it’s for those people who are probably not concerned with frugality, rather convenience. As a freshman in high school, I’m not understanding how you are eligible for this card or any other credit card as you don’t meet the age requirements. If they’re willing to hand over their card to you in case of emergencies or to teach you responsibility in managing money – then it’s probably their decision on which card you should have, not yours. Good luck!

  6. Pete says:

    I just got my black card yesterday and I have to say I am impressed. However what stunned me was that they started me off with a rather low credit limit. I have a platinum credit card through USAA and Gold Card (declined Platinum for no good reason other than not everyone takes American Express). My Platinum credit limit is literally 7 times the amount that the Visa Black gave me. If you want to be eligible for this card all I can say is for the past 7 years, I have never had a car payment because I pay for them in cash, I have NEVER had a balance that I didn’t pay in full each month and my credit score is extremely high. I applied for the card three total time with the first two being rejected. Why was it rejected??? Because 7 years 2 months ago I had just ONE missed payment on a credit card. it literally took to year seven for it to drop off my credit report and made my score near perfect. So I would say this…If you don’t have seven years or more never missing a payment or not paying in full, then it will be hard to get this credit card. It is cool though 🙂

  7. Thanks for you comment and advice Pete!

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