The Frugal Socializer; Have fun while saving money

Young teen girls in purple shirts enjoy socializing on a hot dayAfter this past weekend I’m guessing many people are looking into their wallets and purses and asking themselves how did they spend so much money on going out and socializing. However, many of you saved money by enjoying festivities at friends and family like I did with my family. If you’re one of the people that can no longer afford the cost of socializing at bars after an expensive weekend, this article is for you. A recent discussion over on the Frugal Sub Reddit revealed several great ideas on having fun while not breaking the bank. From that discussion, I present to you below the best ideas for socializing, while saving money:

  1. Cooking dinner for each other or together. Many couples take turns cooking for each other every weekend or every few weeks. Instead of going out to dinner and paying jacked up prices (for often poor quality food and service) – stay in and cook something new for your friends and family and save a bundle. Try different themed events, it can be such a blast.
  2. Games nights– Have different friends host an event taking turns at each one’s place. This gets you out of your house, while keeping the costs down. Instead of paying bar prices, pick up a six pack or a bottle of wine and have fun with friends and family. While it was mentioned particular games can be expensive, there are hundreds of fun games to be played with even a $2 deck of cards. Combine a cooking night with games night and you’ve got hours of fun (strategy games like Agricola, power grid, pandemic, dominion, etc check out BoardGameGeek for great game ideas!)
  3. Get a bunch of friends together for a bike ride or hike. Make it a weekend and bring a tent for camping. Not into camping go throw a get together at a local park and play washers or other outdoor yard games.
  4. Get a bunch of people together for a soccer game or basketball game, Ultimate, wiffle ball, football, freeze tag. Act like a kid again.
  5. Check out free events in your city or town. InĀ  St. Louis, we have multiple free concerts throughout the summer for example, where you can here some really cool bands for the cost of gas to get there. Pack a cooler and you’re gonna have some fun.
  6. Have a yard sale and BBQ. Get a few couples together, combine all your junk and sell it. Make money while cleaning and having fun in the sun.
  7. Get a bunch of friends together and clean your neighborhood. This may not sound like fun, but it can be if you make it. You’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped make your area look a little nicer, all while spending time with friends and teaching the kids a valuable lesson. Heck, throw a block party and have everybody join in.

There are tons more fun things to do with your friends that don’t cost much. What else can you think of?

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