The price of gold rises even further

Hold on to your hats people, gold prices just went up to an amazing £950.81 GBP per ounce.

Gold prices have risen since the start of the recession in 2008/2009 and have shot up in the last year particularly. Did you know that gold prices have risen 27% since January 1st 2010?

Why has the price of gold increased?

The recession has pushed gold prices up. This is because gold is always more in demand during times of financial or political struggle. Gold is an asset you can see and touch and its value is more reliable. This is why people rely on it more when paper money seems to be struggling. The US Dollar hasn’t recovered as well as expected, this means that gold is highly in demand. When something is highly in demand, prices shoot up.

How does this affect me?

Gold prices are so scorching hot at the moment that you are sure to get an excellent deal when you sell gold for cash. With predictions that the gold bubble will burst soon, you’re better off making hay while the sun shines!

Who should I sell gold to?

Do your research before you sell gold. Find a really good company who is passionate about giving their customers excellent prices for gold, works hard to make sure the customers are always happy and keeps an eye on gold prices to make sure customers get the best deal possible.

This company is

Who is is a Bournemouth-based scrap gold buyer. They make it their mission to give customers fantastic prices for their gold. They also offer a very friendly, quick and efficient service. After all, who wants to wait for their money? Selling gold can be very profitable!

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Selling gold for cash has never been easier!

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  1. Sue says:

    I took a large gold ring to jeweler to be sized down. I asked for the gold taken out, was told they did not give it back, it was melted into a lump with other gold. I know now they re-used it or sold the gold. Live and learn!

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