Tips for Saving on Electric Costs, focusing on you and not your home

While all our efforts are concentrated on keeping the home cool in the summers and warm in the cold seasons, the fact is that it isn’t the house that is uncomfortable, it is you! Keeping the home at the optimum temperature at all times, takes a toll on the resources of the world as well cost you quite a shiny penny. A great idea is to concentrate all your energies on ensuring that you feel the way you want regardless of what the weather dictates or thrusts your way.

Lowering Bills by Dressing Right

Air conditioners and heaters are the easiest options available to cool down or heat up your home but you are left to contend with electric bills that cost a bundle. By focusing on you and not your home, you can save a noticeable amount of money on electric costs. Instead of trying to cool the home with multiple air conditioners that you will literally pay for later, you can simply dress for the season. Wear as little as you can get away with.

Tips to Beat the Heat

Wetting a scarf or bandana and wrapping it around your head is a good way to beat the heat. Wet clothes and a fan blowing air in your direction will leave you feeling cooler than if you were ensconced or firmly entrenched right in front of the air conditioner. Another great idea is to run cold water over both your wrists for just 10 seconds. This simple measure will keep your body temperature low for at least an hour. Dabbing cold water over the back of your neck, hands, face and immersing your feet in cold water are every day ways to keep your cool! Drink plenty of water to clear your excessive body heat. One long term solution is to plant deciduous trees in your yard. These trees have large leaves that provide shade in summer and fall off to let the sunlight shine through in the cold season.

Staying Toasty in Winters

The winter brings its own set of problems. Again, it isn’t your home you should concentrate on. Instead of trying to make the whole house toasty and wasting much needed resources and money; use a localized space heater on its lowest setting in an enclosed spec where you are. Under the desk you are sitting at is probably the best location. Dressing for the season is important here. Pull on an extra jumper or sweater and keep your feet warm as well. Wear layers of heavy and warm fabrics. Refrain from wearing too tight mittens or socks as your fingers and toes need place to move to aid circulation. Purchase a treadmill or elliptical machine, use it for 20 minutes or so a day, they last for years, and help you burn off calories; followed by a hot shower or bath. Furthermore, enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea whilst nuzzling into your duvet!

All these simple tips will save you a bundle on electricity costs and bills. Take some clothes off, put some on to stay cool or warm irrespective of the seasonal temperature.

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