Tips to lower your heating bill and stay warm this winter


Do you live in an older house or apartment and no matter what you do, it doesn’t get or stay warm enough? Are you wasting money by cranking up the heater on a continued basis? Besides the obvious; put on more clothes, use blankets and space heaters, what else can you do to help stay warm and save money in heating costs? Below, I will share some ideas on how you can save money and get warmer, instantly.

  • Consider using plastic sheeting and double sided tape along with bubble wrap to help seal your old windows in places less visible. You can always cover on the interior side of the blinds so that your neighbors can’t see the plastic. Covering windows with plastic sheeting will help prevent air exchange. You can mitigate heat exchange through the glass area by utilizing thick curtains, blankets, or Shallah’s cardboard indoor shutters. Here’s some more info to help you in doing this.
  • Close off vents in rooms not used and keep those rooms closed. Consider closing off vents in bathrooms too, and keep those doors closed. You can use cardboard or similar underneath the vents to block the air flow.
  • Use room to room fans if you have a fireplace to pull heat from hotter areas to other parts of the house.
  • Consider using flush fit register boosters to pull air into rooms that are poorly insulated and seem to be colder than the rest of the house. Contact Summit Point Roofing to come in and help insulate your rooms better so that your home isn’t so cold. Instead of trying to crank the heat up throughout the house to get that one room warmer, use a fan within the vent and pull the heat out. Some rooms are just harder to heat, as under performing registers sometimes need help. The Flush Fit Register Booster’s quiet 3-speed, dual fans pull extra air out of weak registers, boosting airflow by up to 80%.
  • Open the windows shades during the day to let sunlight warm your place.
  • If you cook meals in an oven, allow the oven to sit open after you’ve completed the cooking and turned it off to pass that heat throughout your place.
  • Make certain to keep all storm doors closed.
  • Fingertip caulk windows to seal obvious leaks.
  • Get a sweep for doors with spaces or gaps beneath them. If you don’t have the money for a sweep consider using thick towels to block airflow.
  • Limit the opening and closing of exit and entry doors to your place.

Using the above tips you can reduce your heating bill significantly while increasing your comfort. Some people have reduced their heating bills by a third or more. What tips do you have that I’ve missed above?

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