Top 20 stock winners in the past year continued

Lannett Company, Inc.

develops, manufactures, markets and distributes generic versions of pharmaceutical products. The Company sells its pharmaceutical products to generic pharmaceutical distributors, drug wholesalers, chain drug retailers, private-label distributors, mail-order pharmacies, other pharmaceutical manufacturers, managed care organizations, hospital buying groups and health maintenance organizations. As of June 30, 2007, Lannett manufactured and/or distributed 28 products. All of the products are manufactured and/or sold by the Company are prescription products. Of the products, those containing Butalbital, Digoxin, Primidone and Levothyroxine Sodium were the Company’s key products, contributing 76% of the Company’s total net sales during the fiscal year ended June 30, 2008 (fiscal 2008). Lannett has two products containing butalbital. More from Reuters »

Mexco Energy Corporation

Could you believe this company’s share prices were over $50 not even 6 months ago? These little guys are poised for another major jump as their price has come back down when the oil bubble popped. Watch-out though, these guys are poised to make another strong jump.

Mexco Energy Corporation is an oil and gas company engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of oil and gas properties located in the United States. The Company acquires interests in producing and non-producing oil and gas leases from landowners and leaseholders in areas considered favorable for oil and gas exploration, development and production. The Company also acquires oil and gas interests by joining in oil and gas drilling prospects generated by third parties. Forman Energy Corporation and OBTX, LLC are the Company’s wholly owned subsidiaries. During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2008 (fiscal 2008), gas reserves constituted approximately 86% of its total proved reserves and approximately 65% of its revenues for fiscal 2008. Its total estimated proved reserves at March 31, 2008 were approximately 7.857 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 217,000 barrels of oil and natural gas liquids. More from Reuters »

InterDigital, Inc.

has done well over the last year, but I would instantly question their declines year over year in revenue that dropped nearly in half. We have to take some of these winners with a grain of salt, and this company fits into that category. Moreover, their stock price has taken a big hit in the recent past of over 25%.

InterDigital, Inc., formerly InterDigital Communications Corporation, designs and develops advanced digital wireless technologies for use in digital cellular and wireless Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 802 related products. The Company participates in and contributes its technology solutions to worldwide organizations responsible for the development and approval of Standards, to which digital cellular and IEEE 802 compliant products are built, and its contributions are regularly incorporated into such Standards. The Company offers for license or sale its SlimChip family of mobile broadband modem solutions (which includes modem Internet protocol (IP) know-how, baseband integrated circuits (ICs) and Reference Platforms) to mobile device manufacturers, semiconductor companies and other equipment producers that manufacture, use and sell digital cellular products. More from Reuters »

Career Education Corp.

What do you know, the third education for profit company to hit my top 20 list, two of which landed on the top 10. Be wary of these guys though, they’re poised for a decline when a rebound occurs.

Career Education Corporation (CEC) is an on-ground provider of private, for-profit, postsecondary education in the Untied States and has a presence in online education. The Company’s schools and universities prepare students for professional careers through the operation of more than 75 on-ground campuses located throughout the United States, France, Canada, Italy and the United Kingdom and three online academic programs. As of December 31, 2008, approximately 37% of the Company’s students were obtaining their education online. The Company is organized in six segments: university, culinary arts, health education, art and design, international, and transitional schools. Student population for continuing operations was approximately 98,000 students as of January 31, 2009. More from Reuters »

Applied Signal Technology, Inc.

may face some issues in the near future if and or when security spending is cut by the Obama administration. They are extremely dependent on government contracts.

Applied Signal Technology, Inc. (AST) is a provider of advanced intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) solutions for global security. The Company provides domain knowledge in the areas of signals intelligence (SIGINT) and sensor signature processing. Its SIGINT include communications intelligence (COMINT) focusing on broadband and tactical wireless networks, and electronic intelligence (ELINT). Its sensor signature expertise includes processing information from electro-optic, sonar, radar, magnetic, and chemical sensors to detect changes in the environment and provide real-time alerts of potential threats. The Company specializes in the collection, processing, and understanding of signals for ISR missions with low size, weight, and power configurations to enable deployment on unmanned platforms. Its primary customers are the United States Government and defense industry contractors for the United States Government. More from Reuters »

APAC Customer Services, Inc.

APAC Customer Services, Inc. (APAC) is a provider of customer care services and solutions to market leaders in the healthcare, business services, communications, publishing, travel and entertainment and financial services industries. It operates nine customer care centers in the United States, two of which are client-owned facilities and three off-shore customer care centers in the Philippines. As of December 30, 2007, the domestic operations consisted of approximately 4,600 workstations and the off-shore operations consisted of approximately 3,000 workstations. The Company provides service through multiple communication channels, including telephone, Internet, email, fax, mail correspondence and automated response generated through technology. More from Reuters »

Centennial Communications Corp.

is a regional wireless and broadband telecommunications service provider serving over 1.1 million wireless customers and approximately 582,200 access line equivalents in markets covering approximately 13 million Net Pops in the United States and Puerto Rico. In the United States, it is a regional wireless service provider in small cities and rural areas in two geographic clusters covering parts of six states in the Midwest and Southeast. In its Puerto Rico-based service area, which also includes operations in the United States Virgin Islands, it is a facilities-based, fully integrated communications service provider offering both wireless service and, in Puerto Rico, broadband services to business and residential customers. More from Reuters »


is another company that relies heavily on the federal government. NCI, Inc. (NCI) is a provider of information technology (IT) services and solutions to federal government agencies. The Company focuses on designing, implementing, maintaining and upgrading secure IT systems and networks by leveraging its skills across four service offerings: network engineering, information assurance, systems engineering and integration, enterprise systems management, engineering and logistics, medical transformation/health IT, and distance learning and training. More from Reuters »

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