Top 20 stocks over the last year – Continued

Myriad Genetics, Inc.

Science baby, science as in prevention of disease, sound familiar? Well if Obama has anythig to do with it, these types of companies could see some huge government contracts.

Myriad Genetics, Inc. is a healthcare company focused on the development and marketing of molecular diagnostic and therapeutic products. The Company’s molecular diagnostic business focuses on the analysis of genes and their alterations to assess an individual’s risk for developing disease later in life (predictive medicine) and to assess a patient’s risk of disease progression, disease recurrence, drug toxicity, and drug response (personalized medicine). As of June 30, 2008, the Company had launched five commercial molecular diagnostic products, including both predictive medicine and personalized medicine products. Its commercial molecular diagnostic products include BRACAnalysis, COLARIS, COLARIS AP, MELARIS and THERAGUIDE 5-FU. It markets these products through its own person sales force in the United States and it has entered into marketing collaborations with other organizations in selected foreign countries. On April 10, 2008, the Company acquired NaturNorth Technologies, LLC. More from Reuters »

ITT Educational Services, Inc.

You know education is hot now baby, the proof is in the pudding. That makes two for profit colleges in the top ten companies that have done the best percentage change in stock price over the past year. Beware of these guys though, there are some rumors that their receivables have shot up tremendously while at the same time bad debt is skyrocketing. Remember, they can record what they think are profits, but they may not actually pan out to be that way, especially if students are the unemployed adults without parents to help them.

ITT Educational Services, Inc. (ITT/ESI), is a provider of postsecondary degree programs in the United States based on revenue and student enrollment. As of December 31, 2008, the Company offered master, bachelor and associate degree programs to approximately 62,000 students. As of December 31, 2008, it had 105 institutes and nine learning sites located in 37 states. All of its institutes are authorized by the applicable education authorities of the states, in which they operate, and are accredited by an accrediting commission recognized by the United States Department of Education (ED). During the year ended December 31, 2008, the Company began its operations at eight new institutes. As of December 31, 2008, the Company offered 33 degree programs in various fields schools of study: information technology (IT); electronics technology; drafting and design; business; criminal justice, and health sciences. More from Reuters »

New Concept Energy, Inc.

probably shouldn’t make this list, because the company is worth less than Manny Ramirez will make in 1/3 of the baseball season in 2009 (Manny will make $25 million in salary). However, it’s exciting nonetheless and a good stock for a few bucks. Oil and energy companies are poised to benefit in a market that has contracted since reaching historic highs just months ago.

New Concept Energy, Inc., formerly CabelTel International Corporation (CabelTel), is a United states-based company, with investments in gas and oil exploration and development. As of June 2, 2008, the Company is focused on the exploration and production of non-conventional energy sources. The Company is focused on acquiring mineral leases seeking shale sourced natural gas. It focuses on seeking shale sourced natural gas in areas, including the Fayetteville Shale area of Arkansas. In October 2008, the Company acquired two of Carl E. Smith, Inc.’s subsidiaries: Carl E. Smith Petroleum, Inc. and Carl E. Smith Real Estate, Inc., and other privately owned related assets. Persuant to the acquisition, all acquired entities and assets were merged into Carl E. Smith, Inc. and the name was changed to Mountaineer State Energy, Inc. The assets acquired include 94 producing gas wells, 121 non-producing wells and related equipment. More from Reuters »

Emergent Group Inc

is an exciting and young company with a fascinating idea in more or less renting medical equipment to hospitals. Instead of a hospital buying an expensive piece of equipment, they merely pay a fee and rent it, allowing hospitals the ability to share in the costs of the equipment, reducing overhead and increasing ROE. Watch-out for these guys.

Emergent Group Inc. (Emergent) is the parent company of PRI Medical Technologies (PRI Medical), Inc., its wholly owned and only operating subsidiary. PRI Medical is a provider of surgical equipment on a fee for service basis to hospitals, surgical care centers and other health care providers. PRI Medical serves both large and small health care providers and larger, well-financed hospitals. PRI Medical is also able to provide its technicians to support hospital-owned surgical equipment on a fee for service basis, thus improving efficiency and reducing costs for the hospital. PRI Medical makes mobile surgical services available to its customers by providing mobile lasers and other surgical equipment on a per procedure basis to hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, and physician offices along with technical support required to ensure the equipment is working correctly. More from Reuters »

Crawford & Company

is an independent provider of claims management solutions to insurance companies and self-insured entities, with a global network of more than 700 locations, in 63 countries. Service lines include property and casualty claims management, integrated claims and medical management for workers’ compensation, legal settlement administration, including class action and warranty inspection, and risk management information services. The Company operates in four business segments: U.S. Property & Casualty, which serves the United States property and casualty insurance company market; International Operations, which serves the property and casualty insurance company markets outside of the United States; Broadspire, which serves the United States self-insurance marketplace, and Legal Settlement Administration, which serves the securities, bankruptcy, product warranties and inspections and other legal settlements market. More from Reuters »

Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc.

is another small cap stock that has been around quite a while and have seen a recent surge because of the need to produce alternative energy.

Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc. (Fuel Systems) designs, manufactures and supplies alternative fuel components and systems for use in the transportation, industrial and power generation industries on a global basis. It offers an array and combination of gaseous fuel components to assemble fuel conversion kits and systems for customers, including pressure regulators, fuel injectors, flow control valves and other components designed to control the pressure, flow and/or metering of gaseous fuels; solid-state components and software that monitor and optimize fuel pressure and flow to meet manufacturers’ engine requirements; gaseous fueled internal combustion engines, or engines manufactured by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that are integrated with Fuel Systems’ fuel delivery and electronic controls, and systems integration support to integrate the gaseous fuel storage, fuel delivery and/or electronic control components and sub-systems to meet OEM and aftermarket requirements. More from Reuters »

Hot Topic, Inc.

seems to be riding a short lived run.. maybe something trendy recently came out and these guys have simply had a few good quarters. It’s hard to believe though that they will continue on this pace. They have had a few splits in their stock over the past several years, so  although I expect the economy to catch up with these guys, they have performed well over the long term.

Hot Topic, Inc. is a mall-based specialty retailer operating the Hot Topic and Torrid concepts. Hot Topic stores sell a selection of music/pop culture-licensed and music/pop culture-influenced apparel, accessories and gift items for young men and women principally between the ages of 12 and 22. Torrid stores sell apparel, lingerie, shoes and accessories designed for various lifestyles for plus-size females between the ages of 15 and 29. As of February 2, 2008, the Company operated 690 Hot Topic stores throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, and 151 Torrid stores in 36 states. It also sells merchandise on two Websites, and, which reflect the Hot Topic and Torrid store concepts and carry merchandise similar to that sold in the respective stores. During the fiscal year ended February 2, 2008 (fiscal 2007), Hot Topic, Inc. opened nine Hot Topic and 23 Torrid stores, expanded or relocated 22 Hot Topic stores and closed four stores. More from Reuters »

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