Tradesight can help the amateur investor become a professional

screentradesightTradesight is another excellent tool to learn about investing..

Investors who subscribe to Tradesight will learn new trading strategies and ways to improve their current strategies. Tradesight is a financial magazine website that aims to educate. Tradesight will teach you with expert market assessments and ratings along with the underpinning principals for people who want to be successful traders and build their own their financial portfolio.

To subscribe to Tradesight is to get direct access to Christopher Mercer, chief executive, president and all round financial market guru. Mr. Mercer has a big reputation for expertise in all the money markets and has been featured in the essential trading industry publications like Trader’s Magazine and The Phoenix Business Journal.

Tradesight has the credibility of longevity. It has been running for six years as a subscription newsletter website. Tradesight teaches on stock market trading, foreign exchange or ‘forex’, futures, small caps, and the exchange traded (mutual) funds, ETF markets. The forex and stock markets are taught in special ‘labs’ with as many as five analysts in each chat room available to coach traders on improvements to their style of dealing. Trade calls are put forward every day in all of the markets, and numerous esoteric reports are circulated to subscribers with interest in various markets. The number of subscribers Worldwide is approaching 1000 and are to be found in 22 countries.

The Tradesight Messenger and Tradesight Trading Room put subscribers directly in touch with the guru himself, Chris Mercer. These chat-rooms are modified cutting-edge RSS based systems that give ‘open all hours’ communication between Tradesight and its subscribers. In the Tradesight Trading Room, people looking to trade can learn from one another as well as the Tradesight analysts using text, voice, and email chat components. You can even subscribe now to a Chris Mercer ‘Tweet’

I am a natural skeptic, so my first thought on joining the Tradesight forum was ‘if these guys know so much how come they want to share their knowledge?’ But after just one week I was a convert. Some things I learned from Tradesight were.

* The teachers’ motivation doesn’t matter. It is what I take from the experience that counts.
* You can save a lot of time and money by hearing about others’ mistakes and trading strategies.
* I thought I was pretty well up on forex and doing OK but I really haven’t scratched the surface.
* I had a trading strategy that was earning pips six times out of ten trades and there were two enhancements that gave me an eighty percent success rate. This alone paid back the subscription charge.
* Good forex charts can reveal exact levels in particular markets for support and resistance. These are price pivot points where currency pairs will bounce up from or down from respectively. Tradesight gave me Mark Likos’ Forex Levels, as part of their service. Using eSignal Formula Script (EFS) I can now get these levels each day automatically in my eSignal charts under my preferred Forex symbols.
* I learned about a whole new forex tool, in ‘pivot lines’ for the market session ahead. The pivot line is critical in defining the Likos ‘Value Areas’. These are the price bands either side of the pivot line . Above it being the Value Area High and below being the Value Area Low. In all probability the currency pair price will move across these value ranges bouncing off the support and resistance levels and signalling a buy or sell for likely profit.
* For others, who like me were unfamiliar with the Value Area, before I subscribed to Tradesight, it represents the major slice of yesterday’s trading range. The Value Area strategy is to begin the trading sessions outside of the range and then sell short or buy long as the currency cable enter the Value Area.

For beginner stock traders, Tradesight has all the comparison data you could wish for to make the right choice for you for online brokerages. In summary, Tradesight is for serious investors. Serious investors are people who are proactive about learning and practicing what they learn. There is always someone who knows that little bit more than you or has a different and valuable viewpoint to you. When it comes to money matters, Tradesight is the place to gain the knowledge you’ve missed out on.

Tradesight where it is all very clear

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