What are some of the best books for beginning investing?

Investing Online for Dummies, 5th edition by Kathleen Sindell is a book full of plain English explanations about how to invest on the Internet. The terminology is simple for beginners and there are loads of references to other sites and authorities. Great for younger novices who know little or nothing about investing, this book helps get you through all the finance jargon. Just a little word of caution though, be sure to get the latest edition as some of the data on online companies may be a little out of time, which is to be expected because the Internet is evolving all the time.

Investing for Dummies, 5th edition by Eric Tyson. I repeatedly go back to this book because of its incredible breadth of explanations of investment strategies including stocks, bonds, Treasury bills, mutual funds, bank accounts, individual retirement accounts, real estate, private companies and on and on. It is nicely written, simple but not simplistic, compared to the other “dummies” books.
I find money talk soporific mostly, but this book lays down the essentials in a refreshingly easy to read format. I have read it from cover to glossary but I will always go back and refer to it through my investing years ahead. If you are considering investment from home, invest in this book first. It’s a mine of investing nuggets. A terrific bargain!
The Small Investor: A Beginners Guide to Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds by Jim Gard. I found the chapter on ‘investing or gambling; what’s the difference’ to be particularly insightful. A great extra that the author has included and that is very useful is the “Recommended Further Reading” at the conclusion of each chapter. It gives you somewhere to go to next in order to delve deeper into the subject. The level of detail is just right for a beginner in investing. This book is ideal for anyone thinking of dipping his or her toe in the murky financial waters. Financial planners and bank managers should consider giving copies of this book to all their customers.
Early to Rise: A Young Adult’s Guide to Investing by Michael Stahl. This book was not for me but my daughter (17) studying business said she read it in two sittings. It is full of real market applications and reasonable sound investment advice. It is couched in terms that young people like her could relate to. The small touches of humor make it less like most investment books. This one is a must give to the kids.

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