What would it take to become fully self sufficient?

country_living_image_001Wake-up, shower, go to work, drive home, eat dinner, spend limited time with kids and wife. Rinse, repeat. I did everything that I was told I should do (I got my bachelors and Masters degree and a great job), and in all accounts I’m doing well and can provide for my (large) family (with help from friends and family for sure). But honestly, it’s not a very fulfilling or fun life for anyone. Maybe life is not supposed to fun, and I simply have false expectations, but I can’t shake these thoughts from my head. The pressure in failing in the corporate world seems all too real. But how can I change this situation? Is there a viable plan to get me where I want to be in the very near future? Will I even be happier if I am able to truly get out of the rat race? What will it take to do so? What are the implications on my children and their schooling? Will my wife even go for it?

I treasure the rare times I get to spend with my kids and wife that are truly not time restricted. I feel like I’m watching the kids grow-up without my being there to see it. Fortunately, my wife can stay home and raise them, so I do take some comfort in knowing that. Loverboy sang the words “Everybody’s working for the weekend,” and it rings very true in my head, I’m determined to change that mindset. I despise working for the weekend, and long for the day I can spend working on a garden or home that I’ve built with my own hands and sweat and labor. I long to be self sufficient in supporting my own family without being a corporate slave. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and who I work with, it’s just the idea of doing this until I retire at 55, 65 or 75, before I can start enjoying life and seeing the world in retirement.

What do I mean when I say self sufficient? I mean living off of the land and working for myself, my family, and my community. To not have my family’s survival tied to my ability to keep a corporate job. To produce what my family would consume in my own garden and through having our own animals, trading for certain goods or services we don’t have.

Is it possible to buy a piece of land and produce my own food to raise a family and live well? What would it take to do so? Would I need several acres of land or several hundred. What kind of home would I have to build? How much would all of this cost? Would I be able to home school my kids? Would this be detrimental to their well being and would they despise me as they grew older? and finally, would my wife even go for something like this?

Over the next several weeks and months I’m going to look and find people who have done just this, and see what they feel are the ups and downs and if they would do it all over again if they were able to choose to do so. In particular, I have an uncle that moved his family away from the city to the country. I’m going to try and get his views (and his wife and kids) on this and try and find others to share their story. I’m going to hone in on the viability of making the move and home much money you would need to have stashed to do so. I’m hoping to one day make this a reality, even if it means doing so when I’m 50 and my kids have moved out. I hope you’ll join me and share your story or put me in contact with anyone else who has already done so.

Please, tell me your thoughts and specific questions you may have so I can ask them.

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  1. Ken says:

    I would ask them if being self-sufficient was worth the price. I would want to know what specific mindset did it require to get there? frugality? entrepreneur? both?

  2. Thanks Ken, I will include those questions in my interviews.

  3. joe says:

    Great post! Here at http://backtobasics-homestead.com we do what you speak about in real time it is an everyday experience I would not trade for anything. The freedom along is worth it, not to mention everyday is different. I enjoy my home business also. This homestead pays for itself. Your welcome to visit my site and check it out. You do not need a lot of land. I have one in sc with 5 acres,one in pa and one in Tenn with 14.5 acres. I will soon be moving everything to Tenn. You can do it.

  4. Hey Joe, I will be contacting you in hopes of interviewing you. Thanks for the comment.

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