Why there should be a class action lawsuit against Mark Mcgwire

Let me preface this post with saying I’ve been a life-long St. Louis Cardinals fan. And I probably always will be. I’ll continue to take my kids to MLB games well into the future, but I’m more pissed at MLB, Bud Selig, McGwire, Larussa, Cardinal ownership, and so on than I ever have been. That’s because we fans have been defrauded and ownership and management are shitting in our mouths and laughing about it. Some say this is ridiculous, it’s just sports, and I agree, it’s really not life changing, but it still needs to be pointed out why bring Big Mac Roids back as a Cardinals hitting coach is beyond ridiculous and how Cardinals ownership and LaRussa are rubbing this nonsense in our faces.

First, let’s talk about McGwire’s recent admission and why it’s complete bullshit and why every fan should boo his ass on opening day. Or just not show up and show Cardinals ownership who is in control. Though we all know this shit won’t happen in Cardinal Nation.

Let’s first define the Elements of fraud”

Common law fraud has nine elements:[1], [2]

1. a representation of an existing fact;
2. its materiality;
3. its falsity;
4. the speaker’s knowledge of its falsity;
5. the speaker’s intent that it shall be acted upon by the plaintiff;
6. plaintiff’s ignorance of its falsity;
7. plaintiff’s reliance on the truth of the representation;
8. plaintiff’s right to rely upon it; and
9. consequent damages suffered by plaintiff.

The 98 season alone got many people to get out and spend more money attending the games in which he was nearing Maris’ record alone. Regardless, he represented himself under false pretenses as the best home run hitter of all time, propping up his reputation and demeaning others that earned the accolades. He benefited greatly monetarily when awarded handsome contracts and endorsements to continue to come out and awe the fans with his legendary slugging ability, yet it was all built upon by fraudulently gaining advantage on competition and while breaking the law.

McGwire also professed to Congress that he would be the national spokesman for the fight against steroid youth in our kids, yet still hasn’t done a damned thing years later. Remember this?

Cummings: You are willing to be a national spokesman against steroids? We have all these high school kids that are emulating you and still look up to McGwire and others. And I think you said you are willing to be a national spokesman?

McGwire: I would be a great one.

Cummings: You would do it?

McGwire: Absolutely.

Mark’s a liar and hasn’t done a thing. You hear many people argue he’s given money to many charities. The fact is, any asshole that fraudulently earned millions of dollars can easily hand over cash to charity to make themselves feel better. The bottom line is, he didn’t do one thing to lead the fight against steroid use in our youth. He sure made them think it was cool though.

I could go on and on about McGwire only coming clean because he wanted to be the batting coach, or restore his chances for the hall, but that doesn’t mean he gives a shit about anyone but himself. He didn’t apologize to any fans for ripping them off. He needs to apologize to Canseco and the public for continuing to let us down, but he won’t.

LaRussa, the steroid defender didn’t know until today? Bullshit. So you hired him ad he lied to you and you’re going to keep him on? Screw the LaRussa liar, management, and ownership for not taking control of this situation and kicking McGwire as far away from this city as possible. Screw Selig for being the worst commissioner in MLB history, that jackass hasn’t done a thing to truly make baseball any cleaner.

I’m done with my rant.

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